Chapter 1 / Study Section 1

  1. Anabolism
    Process of building up complex materials (proteins) from simple materials.
  2. Catabolism
    Process of breaking down complex materials (food) to form simpler substances and release energy.
  3. Cell Membrane
    Structure and protecting the cell. It determines what enters and leaves the cell.
  4. Chromosomes
    Rod-shaped structures in the nucleus that contain regions of DNA called genes.
  5. Cytoplasm
    All the material that is outside the nucleus and yet contained within the cell membrane.
  6. DNA
    Chemical found within each chromosone. Arranged like a sequence of recipes in code, it directs the activies of the cell.
  7. Endoplasmic Reticulum
    Structure (canals) within the cytoplasm.
  8. Genes
    Regions of DNA within each chromosome.
  9. Karyotype
    Picture of chromosomes in the nucleus of a cell.
  10. Metabolism
    The total of the chemical process in a cell. It includes catabolism and anabolism.
  11. Mitochondria
    Structues in the cytoplasm in which foods are burned to release energy.
  12. Nucleus
    Control center of the cell.
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Chapter 1 / Study Section 1
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