History Chapter 10

  1. What was cotton gin?
    a machine that was built by Eli Whitney that took seeds out of cotton faster than by hand and made cotton a valuable crop.
  2. What was a abolitionist?
    A active person that would speak out against slavery and try to help slaves.
  3. What is a compromise?
    An agreement that satisfies both sides.
  4. What was a tariff?
    Taxes that the government put on products imported from other countries.
  5. What was ironclad?
    A metal that outdated wood that was used to build the Merrimac and the Moniter.
  6. What was the transcontinental railroad?
    A railroad that would connect the East to the West.
  7. What was the secret network of hiding places and escape routes between the southern states and Canada.
    The Underground Railroad
  8. What legislation said that no other state north of an established boundary could enter the Union as a slave state?
    The Missouri Compromise
  9. What was the name of the twenty-two northern or western states during the Civil War?
    The Union
  10. What was the name of the eleven southern states that seperated from the Union during the Civil War?
    The Confederate Government
  11. President Lincolns announcement that all slaves would be considered free in any state fighting against the Union.
    The Emancipation Proclomation
  12. Give two direct results during the Civil War
    • 1. There would be no more slavery
    • 2. No state could leave the Union
  13. What was the mail route between St. Joseph, MO, and Sacramento, CA, whose carriers traveled on horseback.
    The Pony Express
  14. What school did Booker T. Washington start in Alabama?
    The Tuskegee Institute
  15. Why was the Battle of Fort Sumter important?
    It started the Civil War when Confederates attacked it.
  16. What was important when the Merrimac and the Moniter attacked each other?
    It showed how wood was no longer needed.
  17. Why was the Battle of Bull Run so important?
    It showed how General Jackson got his nickname, "Stonewall" because he fought against overwhellming odds.
  18. Why was the Battle of Gettysburg so important?
    It was the turning point of the war
  19. Why was the Battle of Vicksburg so important?
    It made it so that the Confederates were cut in half so they couldn't send supplies to each other.
  20. Who was Eli Whitney?
    The man who built cotton gin
  21. Who was Sojourner Truth?
    A abolitionist who went around and spoke out against slavery
  22. Who was Harriet Beecher Stowe?
    A woman who wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin which potrayed the evils of slavery
  23. Who was Harriet Tubman?
    A black woman who freed slaves
  24. Who was Frederick Douglass?
    An outspoken black man who hired black men to fight for Lincoln
  25. Who was Clara Barton?
    A woman who helped men during the Civil War and also started the first American Red Cross
  26. Who was Booker T. Washington?
    The man who discovered the Tuskegee Institute
  27. Who was George Washington Carver?
    A black man who found many uses for the peanut and amazed the world with his abilities
  28. The 16th President
    Abraham Lincoln
  29. Democrat who ran against Lincoln as Senator
    Stephen A. Douglas
  30. President of the Confederate States of America
    Jefferson Davis
  31. Who was the person who said, "The old flag never touched the ground."
    William Harvey Carney
  32. Leader of the Union troops who was victorious at Vicksburg
    Ulysses S. Grant
  33. Head of the Confederate army
    Robert E. Lee
  34. Who was one of the greatest military heroes of the Civil War?
    Stonewall Jackson
  35. Union General who captured Atlanta and "marched to the sea"
    William T. Sherman
  36. Actor who killed Lincoln
    John Wilkes Booth
  37. Vice President who became President after Lincoln's death
    Andrew Johnson
  38. What was significant about Richmond Virginia?
    It was the Capitol of the Confederate States
  39. What was significant about Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia?
    It was where General Lee surrendered
  40. What was significant about Omaha, Nebraska?
    It was where the Union Pacific Company started work on the transcontinental railroad
  41. What was significant about Sacramento, California?
    It was where the Central Pacific Company started work on the transcontinental railroad
  42. What was significant about promontory Point, Utah?
    It was the place where the transcontinental railroad ended
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