Biology Ch 8(Photosynthesis)

  1. what uses light energy from the sun to produce food.
    plants- also called autotrophs or producers
  2. what organism obtains energy from the food it consumes?
    heterotrophs- also called consumers
  3. *Plants and some other organisms are able to use light energy from the sun to produce food.*
  4. What is adenosine triphospate(ATP)?
    one of the principal chemical compounds that living things use to stor and release energy
  5. What is ADP(adenosine Diphosphate)
    similar to ATP, but has only 2 phosphate groups instead of 3
  6. * ATP is used by all types of cells as their basic energy source*
    The energy needed by the cells of a soccer player, for example, comes from ATP.
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  7. What is the difference between ATP and ADP?
    ATP has 3 phosphates and ADP has 2
  8. This difference is key to the way living things store energy. When a cell has energy available, it can store small amounts of it by adding a phosphate group to ADP molecules, producing ATP. ATP is like a fully charged battery, ready to power the machinery of the cell while ADP is like a 3/4 charged battery

    Energy from ATP powers other important events in the cell, including the synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids and responses to chemical signals at the cell surface. The energy from ATP can even be used to produce light.
    ATP produces movement too, providing the energy for motor proteins that move organelles throughout the cell.
  9. How is the energy that is stored in ATP released?
    by breaking the chemical bond between the second and third phosphates
  10. Because a cell can subtract that third phosphate group, it can release energy as needed.
  11. *The characteristics of ATP make it exceptionally useful as the basic energy source of all cells. *
  12. ATP can help carry out
    active transport
  13. important! How are ATP and gluclose similar?
    Cells can regenerate ATP from ADP as needed by using the energy in foods like glucose
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