1920s and 1930s Test Review.txt

  1. Buying on Margin
    Borrowing money to buy stocks
  2. Hawley-Smoot Tariff
    Wasn't good for international trade
  3. Overproduction
    High supply of goods made products worth less
  4. 18th Amendment
    Prohibited the sale and production of alcohol, hard to enforce because of large # of people breaking the law
  5. Herbert Hoover
    Believed government should be "hands off", gave money to businesses in hopes of trickling down to citizens
  6. 21st Amendment
    Repelled the prohibition amendment
  7. Franklin D. Roosevelt
    In favor of spending federal money to help fix the economy
  8. Unequal distribution of wealth
    Majority of families earned incomes at or below povert, while top 1% incomes soared
  9. Post WWI
    Fear of communism, US isolated, Fear of anti-democracy (like Sacco and Vanzetti)
  10. Harlem Renaissance
    Celebration of African-American culture
  11. NAACP
    Tried to get laws passed for more African American rights
  12. 1920s Women
    Went to school and worked outside of teh home
  13. Speakeasies
    Hidden night clubs where liquor was illegally sold
  14. Great Migration
    Increased job opportunities in Northern cities
  15. Causes of the depression
    Overexpansion of credit (installment plans), overproduction, buying on margin, speculation
  16. Bonus Army
    WWI vets, denial of benefits caused people to turn against Hoover
  17. New Deal and Supreme Court
    Programs should have been dealt with at the state not federal level
  18. New Deal
    Federal government has responsibilit for the welfare of the people
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1920s and 1930s Test Review.txt
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