BIO 24 - Chapter 9

  1. The receptors for vision are located in which part of the ey?
  2. The receptors for hearing and equilibrium are located in the?
    Inner ear
  3. The receptors for touch and pressure are?
    Encapsulated nerve ending in the dermis
  4. When holding a pencil, you exeperience the touch of it in the hand. This is an example of?
  5. Bacterial growth on the front of the eyeball is inhibited by the?
    Lysozyme in tears
  6. The lens and cornea have no capillaries and are nourished by the what?
    Aqueous humor
  7. The chemoreceptors that detect vaporized chemicals are the?
    Olfactory receptors in the upper nasal cavities
  8. The part of a sensory pathway that detects changes is the?
  9. The shape of the lens of the eye is changed by the?
    Ciliary muscle
  10. The pain of a heart attack may be felt in the left shoulder; this is an example of?
    Referred pain
  11. Which of these cranial nerves is not involved in movement of the eyball?
    Optic nerve
  12. Becoming unaware of a continuing stimulus is called?
  13. The receptors that detect movement of the body are located inthe?
    Semicirular canals
  14. The receptors for hearing are part of what?
    Organ of Corti
  15. The organ of Corti is within the what?
  16. The visual receptors that detect colors are the?
  17. The first part of the eye that refracts light rays is the?
  18. The receptors for muscle sense are the?
  19. The muscle sense are proprioceptors that detect what?
  20. The receptors for thirst are located in the what?
  21. The receptors for thirst is located in the hypotalamus which detects what?
    Changes in body water content
  22. The retina is kept in place by what?
    Vitreous humor
  23. Keeping dust off the front of the eyeball is a function of the?
    eyelids and eyelashes
  24. The size of the pupil is regulated by the?
  25. The adjustable part of the light refraction pathway is the?
  26. The part of a sensory pathway that feels the sensation is the what?
    Cerebral cortex
  27. The first part of the ear to vibrate with sound waves is the what?
  28. Otoliths that are pulled by gravity and bend hair cells are found in the what?
    Utricle and saccule
  29. The eyelids are lined by the?
  30. Unconscious muscle sense is used by the ______ to regulate coordination?
  31. The part of the retina that contains only cones is the?
  32. Aqueous humor is reabsorbed into the what?
    Canal of Schlemm
  33. The optic nerve is made of what?
    Ganglion neurons
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