BIO 24 - Chapter 8

  1. The part of the brain that initiates voluntary movement is the?
    Frontal lobe
  2. Neurons that carry impulses from receptors to the CNS are called?
  3. The cranial nerve tat decreases heart rate is the?
    Vagus nerve
  4. The part of the brain that regulates heart rate and blood pressure is the?
  5. Cerebrospinal fluid is formed by?
    Choroid plexuses
  6. The gray matter on the surface of the cerebral hemispheres is called?
    Cerebral cortex
  7. Neurons are electricaly insulated by the presence of the?
    Myelin sheath
  8. The part of the brain that regulates body temperature and the autonomic nervous sytem is the?
  9. During depolarization of a neuron, sodum ions do what?
    They rush into the cell
  10. The spinal nerve root that is made of sensory neurons is the?
    Dorsal root
  11. The part of a neuron that carries impulses away from the cell body is the?
  12. At a synapse, a nerve impulse is carried by what?
    A neurotransmitter, which is a chemical released by the synaptic knob (Terminal end)
  13. The lobes of the cerebral cortex that contain the areas for cutaneous sensation are the?
    Parietal lobes
  14. Within the spinal cord, the cell bodies of motor neurons are contained within the?
    Gray matter
  15. what is a reflix?
    an involuntary response to a stimulus
  16. Keeping the body upright is the purpose of the?
    Stretch reflexes
  17. The two cerebral hemispheres are connected by the?
    corpus callosum
  18. Which part of the brain regulates muscle tone and coordination
  19. The cranial nerve for hearing and equilibrium is the?
  20. List the spinal nerve group from top to bottom?
    • 8 - Cervical
    • 12 - Thoracic
    • 5 - Lumbar
    • 5 - Sacral
    • 1 - Coccygeal
  21. The cerebral cortex is made of the same parts of neurons as the?
    Gray matter of the spinal cord
  22. What is the descending tracts of the spinal cord made of and what do they do?
    White matter which carries impusles away from the brain
  23. Preventing prolonged contact with harmful stimuli is the function of what?
    Flexor reflexes
  24. The blood-brain barrier is formed by anatomic features of the?
    Brain capillaries and astrocytes
  25. The myelin sheath of CNS neurons is made by the?
  26. The visual areas of the brain are in the?
    Occipital lobes
  27. The parts of the brain that regulate accessory movements (such as gestures when speaking) are the?
    Basal ganglia
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