1. What is the name of the Buffalo Bayou tour boat?
    Spirit of the Bayou
  2. What are devotional prayers that consist of repeated sequences of the Lord's prayer followed by 10 prayings of the "Hail Mary" and the single praying of "Glory Be to the Father"?
    The Rosary
  3. What do the joyful mysteries, the sorrowful mysteries, the glorious mysteries and luminous mysteries refer to?
    • The 20 Mysteries of the Rosary
    • (events in the lives of Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary)
  4. The "Order of Preachers" is more commonly known as what?
    Dominican Order or Dominicans
  5. Who is the founder of the Dominicans and the patron saint of the Dominican Republic and astronomy?
    Saint Dominic
  6. What religious order's motto is "praise, bless, preach"?
  7. What's singer was originally known as Stevland Hardaway Judkins?
    Stevie Wonder
  8. The first presidential cabinet under George Washington consisted of how many cabinet posts?
    • Four
    • (secretary of state, treasury, war and attorney general)
  9. Every year about 40,000 mainlanders descend upon Chincoteague (shing-kuh-TEEG) Island in Virginia for what annual event?
    • Annual wild pony swim from Assateague
    • (ASS-uh-teeg) Island to Chincoteague Island
  10. What additional ingredient makes french vanilla ice cream different than vanilla ice cream?
    Egg Yolks (for a richer consistency)
  11. What does the acronym "i.q." stand for?
    Intelligence Quotient
  12. In what year was the first cell phone publicly demonstrated and where?
    1973 in the streets of New York City by Martin Cooper and his team at Motorola

    It wasn't available commercially for another 10 years
  13. What product, when first sold in 1983, was about 10 or 11 inches high, about 1 1/2 inches across, and about 4 inches deep, weighed about 2 1/2 pounds and cost $3,900.00?
    • The Cell Phone
    • DynaTAC by Motorola
    • Nickname: Brick
    • 50 cents a minute
  14. Motorola, in demonstrating the very first cell phone, made the first call to who?
    An executive at A T & T, (Motorola's rival)
  15. What is the third most popular tune in American history, trailing only the National Anthem and "Happy Birthday"?
    • Take Me Out to the Ballgame
    • (by Jack Norworth in 1908)
  16. What year was the magic "Etch A Sketch" screen first sold in toy stores?
  17. The first recorded student protest took place at Harvard University in 1766. What was the protest called?
    • Great Butter Rebellion
    • (over the rancid butter served with the student's meals)
  18. Who is regarded as the "Father of Geriatrics"?
    • Dr. Robert Butler
    • (served as the first Director of the National Institute on Aging)
  19. Who witnessed the crucifixion and burial of Christ and according to all four Gospels in the Christian New Testament was the first person to see the resurrected Christ?
    Mary Magdalene
  20. Who is referred to in early Christian writings as the "apostle to the apostles" and is also portrayed as a visionary and leader of the early movement who is loved by Jesus more than any other disciples?
    Mary Magdelene
  21. What illiterate farm girl claimed that the voice of God was instructing her to take charge of her country's army and lead it to victory?
    Joan of Arc (France/Hundred Year War with England)
  22. Who is also known as "The Maid of Orleans"?
    Saint Joan of Arc
  23. What is the capital of Portugal?
  24. What body of water surrounds Portugal?
    Atlantic Ocean
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