Autism Sourcebook

  1. Theory of Mind
    is the concept that individuals with ASDs have difficulty understanding another person's thoughts, affects, emotions, or points of view because they are mindblind.
  2. Mindblindness
    A. is the inability of a person to empathized or understand that people think or feel differently.

    B. Has nothing to do with intelligence, people with high IQ or Asperger's can be .
  3. Mind Readers
    Unconscious is constantly piecing together cues from the environment that allow making inferences about people, whether or not we know them.
  4. ASD is not a disease . It is a
    is a developmental disorder that is a condition in which there is a disturbance of some stage in a child's typical physical and/or psychological development, often retarding development.
  5. ADSD shows up in
    the first 5 years of life.
  6. Severe end of ASD Specturm
    May be unable to speak and also have mental retardaton
  7. Mild end of ASD Spectrum
    May be able to function in a regular classroom and even reach the point where no longer meets criteria for autism.
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