Midterm OB

  1. The pelvic mass most commonly seen during a normal first trimester pregnancy is:
    Corpus luteal cyst
  2. The primitive hindbrain can be seen as a cystic structure withing the embryonic head:
  3. The maternal side of the developing placenta is referred to as the:
    decidua basalis
  4. Up to 10 weeks gestational age, the mean diameter of the noraml gestational sac should grow:
  5. Physiological herniation of fetal intestine outside the fetal abdomen should not be seen after gestational age:
    12 weeks
  6. A yolk sac is considered abnormal when its diameter exceeds:
  7. Your patient relates a history of amenorrhea for 7wks. Her home pregnancy test was negative, but her serum beta-hCG exceeds 4000 units. What does this demonstrate:
    normal early pregnancy
  8. The double bleb sign refers to the sonographic presentation of:
    the amnionic and yolk sac
  9. Of the following methods of calculating an estimated date of confinement, which is the most reliable?
    Crown-rump length
  10. Because of spinal segmentation, crown rump length measurements begin to lose accuracy after how many geatational weeks?
  11. What is the EDC if LMP is 3/15/05
  12. A patient presents with a positive pregnancy test, bleeding and cramping. Ths sonogram revels an intrauterine geatational sac containing an echogenic structure but no heart beat. Measurements of the strusture shows it to be 11mm in length. Most likely diagnosis is:
    early pregnancy failure
  13. What is the normal heart rate of a 6 week old embryo
  14. At ehat age does embryonic age end and fetal age start
    7-8 weeks
  15. After how many days of fertilization is hCG detected in blood
    7 days
  16. Fertilization occurs in
    Fallopian tube
  17. Normal implantation occurs in
  18. progesterone in early pragnancy is secreted by
    corpus luteal cyst
  19. hCG in a 5 week old pregnancy is secreted by
  20. Arrange in order according to development of the fertilized ovum
    zygote, morula, blastocyst
  21. embryonic heart beat can be detected as early as
    5.5-6 weeks
  22. measurements taken in 1st trimester to assess duration of pregnancy are:
    gestational sac, CRL
  23. Gestational sac can be seen as early as
    5 weeks
  24. serum hCH level doubles every
    48 hours
  25. Define decidual reaction
    interface between gestational sac wall and endometrium
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