Vocabulary 2

  1. (n)

    Something that you think is unfair and you complain or protest about .

    G - - - - - - - -

    ~ again sb

    eg. Does the compay have a fomal grievance procedure (a way of telling sb your complaints at work)

    there interviews aim to deal with individual grievances.
  2. (n,U)
    1. the reporting of news and sport in newspaper and on the radio/television
    2, the range of quality of information that is include in a bô/course of study,on television
    3. the amount of st that st provides, amount of way that st covers an area
    4. protection that an insurance company provide by promissing to pay u money if a particular even happens

    • eg. media/newspaper/press coverage
    • tonight's live coverage of the hockey game
    • + magazines with extensive coverage of diet and healthy topic
    • + insurance coverage
  3. (v)
    syn. decrease
    1. to become or make st become smaller, weaker...
    2. ~sb/st to make sb/st seem less important than they really are
    D - - - - - - -

    • eg.The world's resources are rapidlly diminishing
    • I don't wish to diminish the important of their contribution.
  4. (n,c/uc)

    a situation where there is not enough of the people or things that are needed

    = there are plenty of + Ns

    S - - - - - - -

    Food/housing/water shortages

    a shortage of funds

    There is no shortage of things to do in the town
  5. (n)
    (v). to try to end a disagreement between two or mỏe ppl or groups by talking to them and trying to find things that everyone can agree on.

    syn. negotiation

    M - - - - - -
    • Mediation
    • Mediate

    ~ between A and B

    an independent body was brought in to mediate between staff and management.
  6. (adj)

    1.that can be understoood in more than 1 way, having different meanings

    2. not clearly stated or defined

    A - - - - - - - -

    >< unabiguous

    an ambiguous words/term/statement

    His role has always been ambiguous.
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