1. What is the House Rum?
  2. VODKA:
    What are my choices?
    Burnetts, Absolute, Citron, Belvedere, chopin, Goose, Ketel, Skyy, Smirnoff, Stoli, cristall, lemon, orange, rasberry, vanilla
    1. Crab Cakes
    2. Buffalo Wings
    3. Smoked Salmon
    • 1. 2 crab cakes
    • 2. 5-8 wings with blue chess and celery
    • 3. Regular and Captain portion
    • Served with wasabi mayo
    1. Calamari
    2. Nachos
    3. Prawn Martini
    4. Crab Martini
    • 1. Served with Lemon, Tartar & Cocktail sauce
    • 2. Choice of Steak or Chicken. Temperature on steak. Beans, cheese, jalepenos, onions, olives, salsa. Side of avo $0.75, sour cream $0.75
    • 3. 5 prawns served with cocktail sauce, avocado and lemon
    • 4. Served with cocktail sauce avocado and lemon
  5. 1. Ahi Ruby Rare
    2. Potato Chips
    3. Clam Chowder
    • 1. Cajun Seared Sashimi Style, served with wasabi and shoyu.
    • 2. Served with ranch
    • 3. Served with lemon and crackers
  6. 1. Salmon Mango Salad
    2. Soup/Salad deal
    3. Sesame Ahi Salad
    • 1. Asian Vinaigerette on salad, mango salsa, mac nuts, and chargrilled salmon
    • 2. Salad bar only
    • 3. Sashimi style Ahi, almonds, sesame dressing, rice noodles, and mixed greens
  7. 1. Pear and Gorgonzola Salad
    2. Caeser salad
    3. Spinach salad
    • 1. Mixed greens, gresh pears, candies pecans, zinandel vinaigrette
    • 2. Served with chicken, calamari, ahi brochette, or skirt steak
    • 3. Bacon, crumbled egg and vinaigrette
  8. 1. Fish and choice
    2. Tempura Prawns
    3. Ahi Kabob bruchette
    • 1. 3 pieces of Alaskan Cod Filets. Served with Tartar and cocktail sauce and fresh lemon
    • 2. 4 pieces served with cocktail sauce and lemon
    • 3. Temperature? Served on rice pilaf and wasabi mayo
  9. 1. Skirt Steak
    2. Fish Sandwich
    3. Fish Tacos
    • 1. Temperature? Topped sauteed onions, and rice pilaf
    • 2. Talapia. choice of soup salad or fries
    • 3. $6.95 after 6pm every day. Choice of SB, Soup or Fries
  10. 1. Tuscan Chicken Sanwich
    2. Aloha Burger
    • 1. Served on Focacia bread with pesto aioli. Provolone cheese
    • 2. Teriyaki, Sauteed onions, and pineapple. Upsell cheese, $0.75
  11. What are the options for chardonnay?
    What one are from California?
    House wine is Fetzer. Beauregard (Santa Cruz), Cuvaison (Napa), Jacobs Creek (Australia), R Collection (Monterey), Kendall Jackson, Storrs (Santa Cruz), Hess Select (Monterey).

    (Beauregard Convinced Jacob to COllect Jacksons Stars Himself)
  12. What Merlots do you offer?
    House Merlot is Fetzer. Also have a Ravenswood (Sonoma, CA) and a Raymond Reserve (Napa).
  13. Cabernet Sauvignon
    Avalon (Napa), Bonterra 100% organic (Mendocino, CA), St. Michelle 'Indian Wells' (Washington), Beringer(Napa).

    (Ava Broke Michelles BlingRIng)
  14. Other white wines?
    Beringer White Zin, Bargetto Pinot Grigio, Cavit Pinot Grigio, Brancott Sauvignon Blanc, Morgan Sauvignon Blanc, St. M Reisling, and a Murphy Goode Fume Blanc.
  15. What beers do you have on tap?
  16. What is the well Brandy?
    Casa Madrone

    (Brandys the house Mom)
  17. What is the well gin?
  18. What is the well scotch?
  19. What is the well Bourbon?
    Early times
  20. Well tequila?
  21. What other tequilas do you have?
    Cazadoes, cuervo gold, 1800, Hornitos, Patron Gold & SIlver, Suaza
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