1. Post WWII Characteristics
    • 1)Destruction of Great Powers: Br,Fr,It,Ger,Jap
    • 2)Est. of Bi-Polar World: USA/USSR
    • 3)Atomic War Power:Atomic bomb(fission)/Nuclear bomb(fusion)-Triad
    • 4)Indep. 3rd World decolonization movement: Phillipeans/India/Pakistan
    • 5)International Organizations: UN(political)/European Union(economic)
  2. USSR Perspectives on West: Hostile of...
    • 1)Western invasion of Russia/USSR 3x
    • 2)Western intervention in Russia's civil war (1918-1921)-exacerbates war
    • 3)No diplomatic recognition by the US til 1933-(Bolsheviks take over tsar rule)
    • 4)No effective western partnership with USSR to stop Hitler
    • 5)No western or 2nd Front until June 1944 (by that time Ger. had been pushed to preWWII boundaries)
    • 6)Reneging of wartime agreements-Churchill and Stalin ~= Sphere of Influence
    • 7)Poland- USSR didn't want it to be a Dem.->anti-USSR
  3. USA Perspective on USSR
    • 1)War Communism
    • 2)Russians gov't repudiated the tsarist war debt
    • 3)Execution of the Royal Family
    • 4)Peace Treaty with Germany(1918)Lennon initiative
    • 5)Inciting Asian colonies to revolt
  4. USA Perspective on USSR conti...
    • 6)USSR failed to stop propaganda in the US after recognition of USSR
    • 7)Failed soviet promise to allow freedom of religion
    • 8)PURGES(1936-37) Gov't party & military admitted to treason: mass execution of Bolsheviks
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