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  1. Epididymitis
    inflamation and infection of the epididymis, caused by a UTI, or STD
  2. Crptochism
    failure of one or both of the testicles to descend thru the inguinal canal into the sccrotum, may cause low sperm count and male infertility
  3. Infertility
    failure of the women to concieve after at least 1 year of regular sexual activity, if caused by the male hormone imbalance of FSH or LH
  4. Oligospermia
    fewer than the normal number of spermatozoa are produced by the testes. The most common cause of male infertility caused by hormone imblaance or undescending teste
  5. Orhitis
    inflamation or infection of the testes caused by a bacteria, mumps virus, or trauma
  6. Testicular Cancer
    cancerous tumor of one or both the testes, almost all of these arise from abnormal spermatoza, not from other parts of the body, AKA: seminoma
  7. Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH)
    benign gradual enlargement of the prostrate gland, normally occurs as a man ages. Compresses the urethra and causes the bladder to contain urine
  8. Cancer of the Prostrate Gland
    cancerous tumor of the prostrate gland most common cancer in men, few early signs or syptoms, because the cancer grows slowly
  9. Prostatitis
    acute or chronic bacterial infection of the prostate gland, caused by a urinary tract infection, or STD
  10. Balantis
    inflamation or infection of the glans penis, caused by a bacterium, virus, yeast or fungus often caused by phimosis, and inadwquite hygene of the prepuce
  11. Dyspareunia
    painful or difficult sexual intercouse or postcoital pain, caused by a penile or prostatic infection
  12. Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
    inablity to achieve ir sustain an erection of the penis. could be caused by cardiovascular diease that impairs blood flow into the penis, neurological disease or low level of testoterone
  13. Phimosis
    congentitial condition in which the opening of the foreskin is to small to allow the foreskin to pull back over the glans penis. This traps smegma (a white cheesy discharge of skin cells and oil) can cause infection
  14. Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)
    Contagious disease that is contracted during sexual intercourse with an infected individiual. Can also be passed to the fetus, causing serious illness, blindness and death
  15. venere/o
    sexual intercourse
  16. Herper Simplex Virus (Herpes)
    • HSV 1-cold soars, facial blisters
    • HSV 2-genitle area, blisters on the penis and perinium or anus, when the blisters bust they become skin ulcers
  17. Gonorrhea
    a gram-negative diploccous (double sheard) bacterium
  18. gon/o
  19. -rrhea
    flow; discharge
  20. Acquried Immunodefiency Syndrome (AIDS)
    Symptoms include: fever, night sweats, fatigue,and wieghtloss
  21. Gynecomastia
    enlargement of the male breast caused by imbalnce of the male hormone testosterone,/estradoil
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