English Vocab 13-15

  1. Squander
    To waste; Spend or use foolishly
  2. Curtail
    To cut short or reduce
  3. incentive
    Something that moves one to take action or work harder; a motivation.
  4. Disgress
    To turn aside or stay, especially from the main topic in speaking or writing
  5. Rigor
    Great hardship or difficulty; harchness; severity
  6. Devastate
    To upset deeply; overwhelm
  7. Succumb
    To give in; stop resisting
  8. indispensable
  9. Incorporate
    To unite into a single while; combine.
  10. Intermittent
    Starting and stopping from time to time; off-and-on
  11. Convert
    Secret; hidden
  12. Cyinc
    A person who believes the wrost of people's behavior and motives; someone who believes people are motivated only by selfishness
  13. intrinsic
    Belonging to a person or thing by its very nature (and thus not dependent on circumstances); built-in
  14. Infamous
    Having a very bad reputationl widely known for being vicous, criminal, or deserving of contempt.
  15. benefactor
    A person or organization that gives help, especially financial aid
  16. Virile
    Manly; masculine
  17. demise
  18. Speculate
    To come up with ideas or theories about a subject; theorize
  19. Alleviate
    To relieve; make easier to endure
  20. revulsion
    Great disgust or distaste
  21. Aspire
    To strongly desier; to be ambitious (To do something or to get something)
  22. Lucrative
    Profitable; well-paying
  23. deficit
    A shortage; a lack (in amount)
  24. abstain
    To hold oneself back from something; refrain
  25. benevolent
    Showing kindness; charitable
  26. agnostic
    A person who believes we cannot know wheater or not there is a God
  27. mandatory
  28. Diversion
    An amusement or pastime; anything that relaxes or amuses
  29. affiliate
    To associate; join
  30. dissent
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