OH 103

  1. Agapanthus africanus
    • Lily of the Nile
    • 1-2 inch linear leaves with a strap shape.
    • Rhizome
    • Light shade
  2. Tulbaghia violacea
    Society garlic

    narrow linear leaves are grass like and produce a strong garlic smell if cut. Small pink orb like flowers have a sweet smell.

  3. Liriope muscari

    Thinner but taller leaves than the Lily of the nile. Sun and alkiline damage is severe in Las Vegas unless in complete sun and drip irrigation that is flushed well.
  4. Asparagus densiflorus 'Sprengeri'
    Asparagus fern

    Ground cover, monocot, perennial. Needle like leaves and bright green. Fleshy tubers retain water making the plant drought tolerant. prefers sun but can handle shady areas.
  5. Asparagus densiflorus 'Myeri'
    Foxtail fern

    Herbaceous perennial. Upright plumes that resemble fox tails and small red berries in the winter.
  6. Fraxinus greggii
    Gregg's Ash

    Shrub. opposite leaves with flowers forming in leaf nodes. Background or screening plant.

  7. Fraxinus angustifolia
    Raywood Ash

    3 leaves per node. 7-9 leaflets on each leaf. Whorled attachment
  8. Fraxinus uhdei
    Shamel Ash

    12 in long leaf panicles, opposite attachment. More airy than others
  9. Fraxinus velutina
    Arizona Ash

    Only Ash with female seeds and produces fruit, fuzzy young growth with velvet textured leaves. Rough bark.
  10. Fraxinus velutina 'Modesto'

    • Bright green leaves
    • Lacks hair on young leaves and shoots. Cultivar has slightly more compact crown the the species.

    Shaggy bark
  11. Fraxinus velutina 'Rio Grande'
    Fan-Tex Ash

    Opposite leaves, 3-5 leaves only. No hair on leaves Grafted. Darker green
  12. Jasminum mesnyi
    Primrose Jasmine

    Will grow like a vine if given support, if not a mounding habit will develop.

    Trifoliate leaves, opposite and dark green. Stems are square. Single yellow flowers. Blooms are not fragrant.
  13. Olea europaea
    European olive

    stiff grey green leaves with pale undersides. Bark gets quite gnarled as it ages.

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