1. Which gender suffers from cardiac pain on the left side of the chest and radiates to the left arm?
  2. Which gender suffers from cardiac pain in the jaw or back, nausea, fatigue, and sensation of breathlessness?
  3. How is fatigue measured?
    A scale from 0-10, o being no pain and 10 being worst ever
  4. How do you measure smoking risks?
    • Pack years
    • years smoked (x) packs per day
  5. Shortness of breath usually associated with exercise or excitement and is a sensation of difficult or uncomfortable breathing.
  6. How do you objectively measure dyspnea?
    • Visual Analog Scale
    • Have scale 1-100 and have patient state where they are
  7. How do you measure orthopnea?
    • Determine the number of pillows they use when lying down.
    • 2-pillow or 3-pillow
  8. 2 things to know about a patient's cough
    • frequency
    • presents of sputum
  9. Things to note when describing sputum.
    • color
    • consistency
    • odor
    • amount
  10. What is hemoptysis?
    Bloody sputum
  11. Complaints of those suffering from exposure to carbon monoxide..
    • general malaise
    • flulike symptoms
    • excessive sleepiness
  12. What is the average number of colds a person suffers from a year?
  13. Observing ______ ______ in a patient could be a sign of prolonged oxygen deficiency, endocarditis, or congenital heart defects.
    nail clubbing
  14. It occurs when the chest wall contracts during inspiration and expands during exhalation.
    paradoxical breathing
  15. Conditions such as emphysema, COPD, and general advanced aging causes the chest to assume a ______ shape
  16. How is edema measured?
    1+ to 4+ depending on the depth of visible indentation after a firm application of a finger
  17. How do you measure what you feel when palpating the pulse?
    • Use a scale of 0 to +3
    • 0 is absent pulse
    • 1+ Weak and thready
    • 2+ Normal
    • 3+ Full and bounding
  18. Percussion of the chest detects what two things?
    • Abnormal fluid or air around the lungs
    • Diaphragmatic excursions
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