pharm exam 2

  1. agents that live in an environment without causing harm
    commensal agents
  2. infection caused by fungi or molds
    mycotic infection
  3. an infant younger than 1 month of age
  4. the evolution from commensal status to causing disease
  5. the ability to live on decaying organic matter
  6. disease development without overt clinical signs and symptoms
  7. HIV
    human inmmunodeficiency virus
  8. HIVD
    human immunodeficiency viral disease
  9. HSV
    herpes simplx virus1
  10. what is themost frequent primary antifungal used?
  11. t/f nystatin is used for treatment of candidiasis
  12. what is th emost common fungal infection
  13. what are three examples of secondary antifungal drugs
    • fluconazole
    • itraconazole
    • clotrimazole
  14. what is the tertiary antifunal drug?
  15. what is the most common viral infection affecting dental care
  16. when is it most effective to apply antiviral med?
    prodromal stage
  17. t/f a pt treatment should be delayed to avoid the risk of spreadkin the herpetic lesion
  18. pathophysiology of herpes simplex viruses? (yes I expect you to know this...if it is your millionth time through these cards but since it is not...yeah cheatin time don't worry I don't know any of this information)
    gneral disintegration of host cells and the release of infectious viral units ino the extracellular environment. these viruses in turn can infect nearby cells or can be transported to regional sensory ganglia, where theye stablish latency in neuronal cell bodies
  19. what are two antiherpetic drugs used to treat primary herpetic gingivostomatitis
    • acylovir
    • valacyclovir (valtrex)
  20. what is used as an antiherpetic for immunocompromised pts or pts with HIV?
  21. when are topical antiherpetic agents most effective
    during prodromal stage
  22. what are two examples of topical antiherpetic drugs?
    • penciclovir (denavir)
    • docosanol (Abreva)
  23. if a pt shows to an appt with an active herpes labialis infection what should be done?
    reschedule pt appt
  24. if a pt has an active herpes labialis and has an emergency and must be treated what should be done?
    • use rubber dam
    • standard precaustions to reduce herpetic whitlow and herpetic karatoconjjunctivitis
  25. t/f fungal infections are common after antibiotic or steroid use
    true dat bitches!
  26. t/f immunocompromised pts are not at higher risk for fungal infections than anyone else
    FALSE their life sucks in general they ARE at higher risk for fungal infections
  27. t/f nystatin has sugar added when it is a liquid or lozenge
  28. how is nystatin taken for fungal infections?
    held in mouth for 5 to 7 minutes
  29. ketoconazole, itraconazole, voriconazole, fluconazole, clotrimazole, nystatin
    antifungal agents
  30. t/f
    yes (gotta have an even thirty cards 29 just looks pathetic)
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