Arrhythmia Review

  1. Blocking L-type calcium channels in the SA node of the heart leads to...
    Lengthened depolarization.
  2. Blocking L-type calcium channels in ventricular myocytes leads to...
    A prolonged plateau.
  3. The plateau phase of a ventricular myoctye's action potential might also be called the effective refractory period. What does this term mean?
    The ERP is the stage of an action potential during which no subsequent action potential may occur.
  4. What causes arrhythmia?
    The conduction time of action potentials around an alternative pathway is longer than the refractory period of tissue adjacent to a block. As potentials bounce backward, if they hit tissues that have finished their refractory period, that tissue will depolarize prematurely.
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Arrhythmia Review
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