Chapter 4

  1. Simple Columnar Epithelium
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    • o Elongated cells
    • o Nuclei location at the same level
    • o Can be ciliated or no ciliated
    • o Non ciliated found in uterus and digestive tract
    • o Secretion and absorption
    • o Have microvilli to increase surface area
    • o Have goblet cells scattered in between them
  2. Simple Cuboidal Epithelium
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    • o Cube shaped cells
    • o Covers the ovaries and found in the kidneys & ducts of glands
    • o Secretion and absorption
  3. Transitional Epithelium
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    • o Specialized cells that change shape is response to tension
    • o Found in the bladder, the ureter, and part of the urethra
    • o Could be un-stretched or stretched
    • o Cuboidal when contracted
    • o Expandable lining
    • o Prevents the contents of the urinary tract from diffusing back
  4. Simple Squamous
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    • o Longitude section
    • o Common for passage of molecules through diffusion
    • o Found in lungs and blood capillaries
    • o Covers membrane of body cavities
  5. Epithelial tissue
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    • · Found throughout the body
    • · Cover the body, organs, and lines hollow cavities(inside any organ with hollow i.e. nose, mouth)
    • · Protection (physical damage, sun,)
    • · [Allow movement of substance]
    • · Absorption (taking into the blood)
    • · Filtration
    • · Secretion (releasing something)
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