1. In the story "Winnie-the-Pooh", what was Pooh Bear's original name?
  2. What is the world's oldest intact ship?
    Khufu Ship (2,500 B.C)

    Discovered in 1954 sealed in a pit at the foot of the Great Pyramid in Egypt disassembled in 1,224 pieces
  3. What is the name of the small shrub or tree native to the mediterranian region that resembles the spiny branches that were supposedly used to make the crown of thorns placed on Christ's head before his crucifixion?
    Christ's Thorn
  4. How many Professional golfers have shot a 59 in a PGA tournament?
    • Five
    • (Al Geiberger in 1977, Chip Beck in 1991, David Duval in 1999, Paul Goydos and Stuart Appleby in 2010)
  5. The Titan Arum plant which gives off a scent that is reminiscent of a rotting carcass is also known by what other name?
    Corpse Plant or Flower
  6. Gen. George Patton was famous for carrying two ivory handled pistols. What were they?
    One is the 1873 Colt .45 Peacemaker, the other is a Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum
  7. Kids are obsessed with them, teachers hate them, what are the brightly colored rubber bands shaped like dinosaurs, musical instruments and everything in between called?
    Silly Bandz
  8. Do all animals sleep?
    No (i.e dolphins and tuna)
  9. What year was the national civil rights organization known as the "National Urban League" formed?
  10. What is the most widely read document to emerge from the Holocaust?
    Anne Frank's Diary
  11. What is the capital of the Netherlands?
  12. What is the official currency of the Netherlands?
  13. What is the official language of the Netherlands?
  14. What is the official language of Croatia?
  15. In what city was the concealed apartment where Anne Frank and her family were hiding?
  16. Anne Frank died in what concentration camp?
    Bergen-Belsen (1945)
  17. Who had Anne Frank's diary published after the war?
    Otto Frank (the only surviving member of the family)
  18. What is K2 which is also known as spice, genie or demon and sold openly in gas stations, head shops and online and often marketed as incense?
    Synthetic Marijuana
  19. Tetrahydrocannabinol or "THC" is the active ingredient in what?
  20. What is the nickname of the serial killer of young black women that started in the 1980s, then suddenly stopped, only to resume again 14 years later?
    Grim Sleeper (Lonnie Franklin, Jr. is being charged)
  21. According to a Golf Digest study the odds of the average player making a hole-in-one is what?
    12,000 to 1
  22. Rock Island, Illinois; Moline, Illinois; East Moline, Illinois; Davenport, Iowa and Bettendorf, Iowa are collectively known as what?
    Quad Cities
  23. How many cities make up the "quad cities" region?
    Five (Rock Island, Illinois; Moline, Illinois; East Moline, Illinois; Davenport, Iowa and Bettendorf, Iowa)
  24. What is the dot above a lowercase i or j called?
  25. A horizontal pair of dots placed over the vowels a, o or u in a word is called what?
    Umlaut (oom-lowt)

    Not to be confused with a trema
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