pharm exam 2

  1. extreme tooth sensitivity that causes a painful response to stimuli
    dental hyperalgesia (DH)
  2. a theory that the movement of flouid within dentin tubules generates impulse transmission in nerves that the odontoblast connection with dentin
    hydrodynamic theory
  3. a result or effect caused inadvertently by a clinican or a clinician's treatment
  4. the ability to produce a prolonged effect usually though maintaining a bond with receptors
  5. APF
    acidulated phosphate fluoride
  6. NaF
    sodium fluoride
  7. SnF
    stannous fluoride
  8. what are three types of fluoride commonly used in dentistry?
    • NaF 2%
    • APF 1.23%
    • Soudim fluoride Varnish 5%
  9. what is an overdose of fluoride from a single dose called?
    acute toxicity
  10. t/f acute toxicity is not an emergency and can be fixed with intervention
    FALSE acute toxicity is a serious medical emergency
  11. t/f acute toxicity must be managed immediately to prevent death
  12. what type of fluoride toxicity occurs slowly overtime
    chronic toxicity
  13. what is an example of a commone sign of chronic fluoride toxicity?
    dental fluorsis
  14. what are the pt instructions following fluoride varnish application?
    food should not be eaten for appox 2 hours after application, toothbrusing on day of application is not recommended
  15. what are six contributing factors to dentin hypersensitivity?
    • gingival recession
    • exposed dentin
    • abrasion
    • erosin
    • abrfaction
    • abnormal tooth development
  16. what is the outward movement of lfuid within the dentin tubule stimulates nerve endings surrounding the odontoblast at the dentiopulpal interface and gerneates an impulse transmisison interpreted in the brain as pain
    hydrodynamic theory
  17. what are five examples of in office desensitization agents?
    • sodium fluoride
    • oxalates
    • adhesives and resin
    • gutaraldehyde
    • hydroxyenthylmethacrylate
  18. what are five examples of home use desensitizing agents?
    • postassium nitrate (dentifrice)
    • SnF (crest pro health)
    • orajel
    • Stannous fluoride (gel kam)
    • PreviDent 5000
  19. what are cariostatic?
    • fluoride (most cariostatic agent)
    • xylitol
    • CHX
  20. when should you use fluoride supplements?
    for moderate and high risk individuals
  21. what should you do in the case of an acute fluoride overdose?
    • call 911
    • induce emesis
    • glass of milk
    • monitor vitals
  22. Ca + Fluoride=
    inhibitis absorption of fluoride
  23. what is a an anticaries rinse and also considered the most effective antigingivitis rinse?
  24. what type of fluoride do you use if a pt has porcelain restorations?
    sodium fluoride
  25. what type of in office dentin hypersensentivity treatment last the longest
  26. what typ of in office dentin hypersensitivity is the most common to prevent nerve repolarization
    potassium nitrate
  27. what do you do with GI reflux?
    saline, baking soda and water rinses
  28. 2 4 6 8 what do we hate
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