Botany Adaptations for protection

  1. phtoperiodism
    the initiation of flowering in response to relative lengths of day and night
  2. senescence
    natural death; a breakdown of cellular structures leading to death
  3. mutation
    an induced, inheritable change in the structure of a gene
  4. ephemerals
    short-lived plants
  5. spine
    a modified leaf part that is hard and sharply pointed
  6. thorn
    a modified short branch, or stem, that is hard and sharply pointed
  7. stipule
    an outgrowth from the base of a leaf stalk, sometimes functioning as a protective structure
  8. pilose
    having long soft hairs
  9. cryptic coloration
  10. recurved
    prickles having tips pointed downward
  11. symbiosis
    the living together for mutual benefit of two or more organisms of different species
  12. tannin
    natural fungicide; astringent; a substance occurring in the bark or leaves of some species, functioning to protect against predators
  13. callus
    a plant substance created or deposited in the pores of phloem sieve plates, especially in response to injury; parenchyma tissue
  14. prickle
    a hard, pointed epidermal outgrowth on some species' stems and leaves
  15. callose
    a plant substance (protein) created and deposited in the pores of phloem sieve plates, especially in response to injury
  16. resin
    a viscous, protective secretion of many conifers that is insoluble in water and hardens on contact with air
  17. gum
    a sticky, water-soluble plant secretion that hardens on exposure to air
  18. latex
    a thick, white, fluid secretion of many plant species
  19. enzymes
    a protein molecule functioning as a chemical catalyst in a biochemical reaction
  20. alkaloids
    bitter taste; a nitrogen-containing compound, frequently used as a chemical defense by plants
  21. phototoxin
    a plant produce having toxic effects on herbivores and other invasive organisms
  22. phytoalexin
    a chemical produced by a plant to inhibit the growth of pathogens
  23. raphide
    a needle-shaped crystal of calcium oxalate in cetain species' cells that deter herbivores
  24. heterosis
    hybrid vigor; mixing gene pools
  25. biennial
    a plant completing its life cycle within two growing periods
  26. annual
    a plant completing its life cycle within a single growing season
  27. perennial
    a plant living through several growing seasons
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Botany Adaptations for protection
Botany Adaptations for protection