Pharm Exam 2

  1. what are the six guidelines for written Rx
    • legible, accurate instructions, complete info
    • Schedule II written in ink, indelible pencil or typed
    • should not have pharmacy/pharmaceutical company on pads to avoid appearance of endorsement
    • Rx pads kept secured
    • duplicate or record kept for each Rx in pts chart
    • ENGLISH instructions not latin (so why did we have half our first test on the latin abbreviations?)
  2. t/f the DEA number is given one per dentist
    FALSE corresponds to specific office location
  3. what goes in the heading of a Rx
    • prescribers name, number and address
    • pts name age and weight if child
    • date
  4. what goes in the body of a Rx
    • specific drug, dose, concentration and amount
    • directions for pt use
    • possible directions for doseform to the pharmacist to mix together
  5. what goes in the closing of a Rx
    • prescribers signature
    • DEA number
    • instructions to pharmacist (refills or generica allowed)
  6. what is the latin a or a (line on top of a)
  7. what does the latin a stand for?
    before meals
  8. disp
  9. no
  10. cap
  11. tab
  12. sig
  13. po
    by mouth
  14. pc
    after meals
  15. stat
    at once
  16. hs
    at bedtime (hour of sleep)
  17. prn
    as needed
  18. qh
    every hour
  19. qd
    every day
  20. bid
    twice a day
  21. tid
    3 times a day
  22. qid
    4 times a day
  23. d/c
  24. a patient who follows the written orders on aprescription as instructed
    compliant patient
  25. the manner in which the drug formulation is suppled (capsules, tablets, mouth rinse etc)
  26. latin symbol for take though placed in the body of the prescription
  27. BSA
    body surface area
  28. DEA
    drung enforcement adminsitration
  29. RDH
    registered dental hygienist (if we pass this class we might get to this)
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