whap chap. 22

  1. heir to austrian-hungarian throne whose assassination by a pan salavic nationalist led to wwI
    archduke francis ferdinand
  2. the draft
  3. serbian natinalist/terrorist group responsible for the assasination of austrian archduke franz ferdinand
    black hand
  4. german strategy in WWI to block russia and invaded paris within tow weeks
    schlieffen plan
  5. naval engagement to provied Russia supplies by Britian and France through the Dadanelles defted by the Ottoman empier
  6. one of the bloddies battles in WWI in france due to the stalemate of trench warfare
  7. concept that war comprising home front operations like rationing and propaganda as well as miliary might
    total war
  8. merchant ship sunk by german u-boats as part of their unrestricted subarine warfare - the loss of American lives will eventualy pull america into war
  9. American president durning WWI responsible for drafting the 14 points which favored freedon of the seas and lack of secret alliances - League of Nations was formed from these points
    Woodrow Wilson
  10. French premier durning WWI he was one of the formulators of the Treaty of Versilles . demanded heavy reprations from the Germans after WWI
    Georges Clemenceau
  11. British prime minister from 1916-1922 he led Great Britian through WWI he was one of the formulators of the Treaty of Versilles
    David Llyod Geroge
  12. Czar of Russia ( 1894-1917) . He was overthrown during the Russian Revolution of 1917 . Later , he and his family were killed by the revolutions leadership
    Nicholas II
  13. german emeror ( kaiser) and king of Prussia from 1888 to the end of WWI in 1918 , known for his frequently militaristic manner as well as fro his vacillationg policies
    William II
  14. Russian peasants and self-proclaimed holy man . he was friends w/ the ruling romanov family and advisor to Czarina alexandra . his adices lead to Russian Revolutions
  15. leader of the provisional governmentthat replaced Czar Nicholas in Russia and favored republic form of government -came in conflict with Bolshevik party . Fled to the US
    Alexander Kerensky
  16. Russian parliment
  17. workers council , labor union
  18. famous slogan of Lenin that convinced the population to participate in the Bolshevik Revolution
    "Peace , love , bread"
  19. russian revolutionary leader and poltical . He was the 1st leader of the new communis government of Soviet Russia . Later hwas alos the 1st leader of the Soviet Union , which was composed of most of the republics of the former Russian Empier .
  20. ruhr valley
    heavily industrialized section of Germany that was taken by France in payment of war reprations leaving Germany no opportunity to rebuild its economy
  21. Treaty of Larnaco
    seven agreements negotiated at Lcarno, switzerland on 5th -19th oct. and formally signed in london . Allied-powers and new states of central and Eastern Europe to secure post war territorial settlement and return normalizing relations w/ defeated Germany
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