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  1. Acidemia vs Acidosis: What is the difference?
    Acidemia is low BLOOD pH and acidosis is low TISSUE pH.
  2. Inc AG Metabolic Acidosis: Causes?
    • 1. Reduced Excretion (A/CRF) PO4, SO4
    • 2. Increased Production
    • a. Lactic acid (low O2, BP, Drugs -Cyanide, Iron, Metforman, ASA)
    • b. Ketoacids (DKA, AKA)
    • c. Drug Acids (oxalic, formic)
  3. Mixed Acid/Base for DKA
    • DKA (increased AG Metabolic acidosis 2nd)
    • Lactic acidosis (poor perfusion 2nd dydratioin)
    • Ketoacidosis (no intracellular glucose)
    • Renal failure (PO4, SO4 accumulation)
  4. Bicarb in Acidosis (Pros 3, Cons 5)
    • PRO
    • OD�s (TCA, ASA, Methanol, ethylene glycol)
    • Prolonged arrest (>15min)
    • Specific (Rhabdo, kids)
    • CON
    • CI�d (DKA, Sepsis)
    • Electrolytes (will reduce K, Ca, INC OSM+++)
    • Liver (reduced metabolism of lactic, keto acids)
    • CSF (increased acidosis)
    • ODC (O2 dissociation curve � reduced o2 offloading)
  5. Hypoventation (causes)
    • CNS
    • Cerebral (hypotension, stroke, sepsis)
    • Drive (COAD)
    • Cord (PNS (GB, MG, OGP, envenomation, electrolyte N,Ca)
    • Chest (T/PTX, HemoPTX, Effusion, APO)
  6. CO2 Narcosis
    • Sweating
    • Increased HR
    • Confusion
    • Mydriasis
    • Reduced GCS >80mmHg
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