Bio 24 - Chapter 4

  1. An endocrine gland has what?
    No duct
  2. An epithelium in which the surface cells alternate from round to flat is called what?
    Transitional Epithelium
  3. The type of connective tissue with a liquid matrix called plasma is?
  4. Axon, dendrite, and cell body are the three parts of a what?
  5. The type of connective tissue with a solid matrix made of calcium salts is what?
  6. The type of muscle tissue also known as voluntary muscle is called what?
    Skeletal muscle
  7. The membrane that lines the digestive tract is the?
    Mucous membrane
  8. The serous membrane that lines the thoracic cavity is the?
    Parietal pleura
  9. To increase their surface area for absorption, columnar cells in the small intestine have?
  10. The strong tissue that forms tendons and ligaments is?
    Fibrous connective tissue
  11. The type of epithelium tha tmakes up the outer layer of skin is?
    Stratified squamos epithelium
  12. The tissue that is thin enough to form capillaries and permit exchanges of materials is?
    Simple squamous epithelium
  13. The type of muscle tissue that produces a significant amount of body heat is?
    Skeletal muscle tissue
  14. Cardiac muscle is found in the?
    Heart only
  15. The membrane that cover the brain and spinal cord are the?
  16. The space between two neurons where a neurotransmitter carries the impulse is called a?
  17. nicellular glands that secrete mucus in the respiratory tract are the?
    Goblet cells
  18. The tissue that transports nutrients and oxygen throughout the body is?
  19. The type of muscle tissue that provides peristalis in the intestines is?
    Smooth muscle
  20. the type of connectiv tissue that stores excess energy in the form of fat is?
    Adipose tissue
  21. The membrane that lines a joint cavity and produces fluid is the?
    Synovial membrane
  22. The tissue in the wall of the trachea that keeps it open is the?
    Cartilage tissue
  23. The type of connective tissue beneath mucous membranes that contains many white blood cells is?
    Areolar tissue
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