MA 201 Common POL

  1. Analgesic
    Relieves pain, no loss consciousness (motrin, tylenol)
  2. Anasthetic
    Produces lack of feeling (lidocaine, novocaine)
  3. Antianxiety
    Relieves anxiety and muscle tension (diazepam, benzodiazepines)
  4. Antibiotic
    Destructive / inhibits growth of microorganisms (penicillins)
  5. Anticonvulsant
    Prevents / relieves convulsions (tegretol, dilantin)
  6. Antidepressant
    Prevents / relieves symptoms depression (isocarboxazid, nardil, tofranil)
  7. Antidote
    Counteracts poisons / effects (narcan)
  8. Antiemetic
    Prevents / relieves nausea and vomiting (dramamine, tigan)
  9. Antihistamine
    Counteracts histamine (benadryl, seldane)
  10. Anti-inflammatory
    Counteracts inflammation (naproxin, aspirin, advil)
  11. Antipyretic
    Reduce fever (aspirin, acetaminophen)
  12. Bronchodilator
    Dilates bronchi (isuprel, albuteral)
  13. Contraceptive
    Prevents conception (ortho-novum, triphasil)
  14. Decongestant
    Reduces nasal congestion / swelling (afrin, sudafed)
  15. Diuretic
    Increases excreation of urine (diuril, lasix)
  16. Expectorant
    Facilitates removal of secretions from bronchopulmonary mucous membrane (robitussin)
  17. Hypnotic
    Produces sleep / hypnosis (seconal, placidyl)
  18. Hypoglycemic
    Lowers blood glucose level (diabinese, micronase)
  19. Laxative
    Loosens / promotes normal bowel eliminations (metamucil, dulcolax)
  20. Muscle Relaxant
    Aids relaxing skeletal muscle (norflex, paraflex, valium)
  21. Sedative
    Produces calming effect without causing sleep (amytal, buticaps)
  22. Tranquilizer
    Reduces mental tension / anxiety (thorazine, haldol)
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