Barron's 3500 words

  1. Venal (adj)
    capable of being bribed
  2. Venial (adj)
    forgivable; trivial
  3. Veracious (adj)
  4. Verbiage (n)
    pompous array of words
  5. Verdigris (n)
    green coating on copper that has been exposed to the weather
  6. Verisimilar (adj)
    probable or likely; having the appearance of truth
  7. Verisimilitude (n)
    appearance of truth; likelihood
  8. Veritable (adj)
    actual; being truly so
  9. Verity (n)
    quality of being true
  10. Viand (n)
  11. Victuals (n)
  12. Vignette (n)
    picture; literary sketch
  13. Vindictive (adj)
    out for revenge; malicious
  14. Vinter (n)
    winemaker; seller of wine
  15. Virile (adj)
  16. Virulent (adj)
    extremely poisonous; hostile; bitter
  17. Viscid (adj)
    adhesive; gluey
  18. Vital (adj)
    vibrant and lively; critical; living; breathing
  19. Vitiate (v)
    to spoil the effect of; make inoperative
  20. Vitreous (adj)
    pertaining to or resembling glass
  21. Vitriolic (adj)
    corrosive; sarcastic
  22. Vivacious (adj)
    lively or animated; sprightly
  23. Vivisection (n)
    act of disecting live animals
  24. Vixen (n)
    female fox; ill tempered woman
  25. Vociferous (adj)
    clamorous; noisy
  26. Volition (n)
    act of making a conscious choice
  27. Voluminous (adj)
    spacious; bulky; large
  28. Vouchsafe (v)
    to grant condescendingly; guarantee
  29. Vulpine (adj)
    fox-like; crafty
  30. Waggish (adj)
    mischievous; humorous; tricky
  31. Waif (n)
    homeless child or animal
  32. Wangle (v)
    to wiggle out; fake
  33. Warble (v)
    to sing; babble
  34. Warren (n)
    tunnels in which rabbits live; crowded conditions in which people live
  35. Wastrel (n)
  36. Wax (v)
    to increase, grow
  37. Waylay (v)
    to ambush; lie in wait
  38. welter (n, v)
    • (n) turmoil; bewildering jumble
    • (v)wallow
  39. Wheedle (v)
    to cajole; coax; decieve by flattery
  40. Whelp (n)
    young wolf, dog, tiger etc
  41. Whet (v)
    to sharpen; stimulate
  42. Whinny (v)
    neigh like a horse
  43. Whit (n)
    smallest speck; shred; tiny bit
  44. Whorl (n)
    ring of leaves around a stem; ring
  45. Winnow (v)
    to sift; separate good parts from bad
  46. Wistful (adj)
    vaguely longing; sadly pensive
  47. Wont (n)
    custom; habitual procedure
  48. Worldly (adj)
    engrossed in matter of the earth; not spiritual
  49. Wry (adj)
    twisted; with a humorous twist
  50. Yen (n)
    longing; urge
  51. Yeoman (n)
    man owning a small estate; middle class farmer
  52. Yore (n)
    time past
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