Barron's 3500 words

  1. Taper (n)
  2. Tarry (v)
    to delay; dawdle
  3. Tatty (adj)
    worn and shabby
  4. Tautological (adj)
    needlessley repetitious
  5. Teetotalism (n)
    practice of abstaining totally from alcoholic drinks
  6. Temerity (n)
    boldness; rashness
  7. Tempestuous (adj)
    stormy; impassioned; violent
  8. Temproize (v)
    act of evasively gaining time; avoid commiting oneself
  9. Tendentious (adj)
    having an aim; biased; designed to furhter a cause
  10. Tensile (adj)
    capable of being stretched
  11. Tenuous (adj)
    thin; rare; slim
  12. Terse (adj)
    concise; abrupt; pithy
  13. Tesselated (adj)
    inlaid, mosaic
  14. Testator (n)
    maker of a will
  15. Thrall (n)
    slave; bondage
  16. Threadbare (adj)
    worn through til the threads show; shabby and poor
  17. Throng (n)
  18. Tiller (n)
    handle used to move a boat rudder
  19. Timbre (n)
    quality of a musical tone produced by a musical instrument
  20. Timorous (adj)
    fearful; demonstrating fear
  21. Tipple (v)
    to drink (alcoholic beverages) frequently
  22. Titter (n)
    nervous laugh
  23. Tonsure (n)
    shaving of the head, especially by person entering religious orders
  24. Touchstone (n)
    stone used to test the fitness of gold alloys; criterion
  25. Tract (n)
    pamphlet; a region of indefinate size
  26. Tractable (adj)
    docile; easily managed
  27. Traduce (v)
    to expose to slander
  28. Transmute (v)
    to change; to convert to something different
  29. Transport (n)
    strong emotion
  30. Travial (n)
    painful physical or mental labor; drudgery; torment
  31. Treatise (n)
    article treating a subject systematically and thoroughly
  32. Trite (adj)
    hackneyed; commonplace
  33. Troth (n)
    a pledge of good faith, esp in betrothal
  34. Truculence (adj)
    aggressiveness; ferocity
  35. Tryst (n)
  36. Tumid (adj)
    swollen; pompous; bombastic
  37. Tumult (n)
    commotion; riot; noise
  38. Turbid (adj)
    muddy; having the sediment disturbed
  39. Tureen (n)
    deep dish for serving soup
  40. Turncoat (n)
  41. Turpitude (n)
  42. Tutelage (n)
    gaurdianship; training
  43. Tutelary (adj)
    protective; pertaining to a gaurdianship
  44. Ubiquitous (adj)
  45. Unassailable (adj)
    not subject to question; not open to attack
  46. Unassuaged (adj)
    unsatisfied; not soothed
  47. Unbridled (adj)
  48. Uncanny (adj)
    strange; mysterious
  49. Uncouth (adj)
    outlandish; clumsy; boorish
  50. Unction (n)
    the act of annointing with oil
  51. Unctuous (adj)
    oily; bland
  52. Undermine (v)
    to weaken; sap
  53. Unerringly (adv)
  54. Unexceptionable (adj
    not offering any basis for criticism; entirely acceptable
  55. Unfledged (adj)
  56. Unfrock (adj)
    to strip a priest or minister of church authority
  57. Ungainly (adj)
    awkward; clumsy; unwieldy
  58. Unguent (n)
  59. Unrequited (adj)
    not reciprocated
  60. Unseemly (adj)
    unbecoming; indecent; in poor taste
  61. untenable (adj)
    indefensiable; not able to be maintained
  62. Untoward (adj)
    unfortunate or unlucky; adverse; unexpected
  63. Untrammeled (adj)
    without limits or restrictions
  64. Unwonted (adj)
  65. Upshot (n)
  66. Urbane (adj)
    suave; refined; elegant
  67. Urchin (n)
    mischievous child
  68. Uxorious (adj)
    excessively devoted to ones wife
  69. Vacuous (adj)
    empty; lacking in ideas; stupid
  70. Vagary (n)
    caprice; whim
  71. Vagrant (adj)
    stray; random
  72. Vainglorious (adj)
  73. Valedictory (adj)
    pertaining to farewell
  74. Vangaurd (n)
    forerunners; advance forces
  75. Vapid (adj)
    dull and unimaginative; insipid and flavorless
  76. Vassal (n)
    in feudelism, one who held land of a superior lord
  77. Vaunted (adj)
    boasted; bragged; highly publicized
  78. Vegetate (v)
    to live in a monotonous way
  79. Vehement (adj)
    forceful; intensely emotional; with marked vigor
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