barron's 3500 words

  1. Sere (adj)
    parched; dry
  2. Sextant (n)
    navigation tool used to determine a ships latitude and longitude
  3. Sheaf (n)
    bundle of stocks of grain; any bundle of things tied together
  4. Shrew (n)
    scolding woman
  5. Shrewd (adj)
    clever; astute
  6. Shunt (v)
    to turn aside; divert; sidetrack
  7. Shyster (n)
    lawyer using questionable methods
  8. Sibylline (adj)
    prophetic; oracular
  9. Simper (v)
    to smirk; smile affectedly
  10. Sinewy (adj)
    tough; strong and firm
  11. Sinuous (adj0
    winding; bending in and out; not morally honest
  12. Skiff (n)
    small, light sailboat or rowboat
  13. Skinflint (n)
    stingy person; miser
  14. Skittish (adj)
    lively; frisky
  15. Skulduggery (n)
    dishonest behavior
  16. Skulk (v)
    to move furtively and secretly
  17. Slag (n)
    waste from smelting metals; waste matter
  18. Sleazy (adj)
    flimsy; unsubstantial
  19. Sleight (n)
    dexterity (eg., sleight of hand)
  20. Slight (n)
    insult to one's dignity; snub
  21. Slipshod (adj)
    untidy or slovenly; shabby
  22. Slough (v)
    to cast off
  23. Sluice (n)
    artificial channel for directing or controlling the flow of water
  24. Smattering (n)
    slight knowledge
  25. Sodden (adj)
    soaked; dull, as if from drink
  26. Sojourn (n)
    temporary stay
  27. Solace (n)
    comfort in trouble
  28. Solicitous (adj)
    worried; concerned
  29. Solvent (adj, n)
    • (adj) able to pay all debts
    • (n) able to be dissolved
  30. Somnambulist (n)
  31. Somnolent (adj)
  32. Sophist (n)
    teacher of philosophy; quibbler; employer of fallacious reasoning
  33. Sophistry (n)
    seemingly plausible but fallacious reasoning
  34. Spangle (n)
    small metallic piece sewn to clothing for ornamentation
  35. Spate (n)
    sudden flood
  36. Spectral (adj)
  37. Spectrum (n)
    colored band of light from a prism
  38. Spendthrift (n)
    someone who wastes money
  39. Spoonerism (n)
    accidental transposition of sounds in successive words (eg., hoobert herber)
  40. Spruce (adj)
    tidy and trim
  41. Spurious (adj)
    false; counterfeit; forged; illogical
  42. Spurn (v)
    to reject or scorn
  43. Squalor (n)
    filth; degradation; dirty, neglected state
  44. Squat (adj)
    stocky; short and thick
  45. Staccato (adj)
    played in an abrupt manner; marked by abrupt, sharp sound
  46. Staid (adj)
    sober; sedate
  47. Stalwart (adj)
    strong, brawny; steadfast
  48. Stanch (v)
    to check the flow of blood; stem
  49. Stilted (adj)
    bombastic; stiffly pompous
  50. Stint (n, v)
    • (n) supply; allotted amount; assigned portion of work
    • (v) set limits; be thrifty
  51. Stockade (n)
    wooden enclosure or pen; fixed line of posts used as a defensive barrier
  52. Stodgy (adj)
    stuffy; boringly conservative
  53. Stratified (adj)
    divided into classes; arranged into strata
  54. Stratum (n)
    layer of earths crust; layer of society
  55. Stricture (n)
    critical remarks; severe and adverse criticism
  56. Strident (adj)
    loud and harsh;insistent
  57. Stringent (adj)
    binding; rigid
  58. Studied (adj0
    unspontaneous; deliberate; thoughtful
  59. Stultify (v)
    to cause to appear or become stupid or inconsistent; frustrate or hinder
  60. Stygian (adj)
    gloomy; hellish; deathly
  61. Subaltern (n)
  62. Sublimate (v)
    to refine; prify
  63. Suborn (v)
    to persuade to act unlawfully
  64. Subsistence (n)
    existence; means of support; livelihood
  65. Substantive (adj)
    essential; pertaining to the substance
  66. Subsume (v)
    include; encompass
  67. Subterfuge (n)
    pretense; easion
  68. Subvrsive (adj)
    tending to ovrthrow; destructive
  69. Succor (v)
    to assist; aid; comfort
  70. Suffuse (v)
    to spread over
  71. Sultry (adj)
  72. Sumptuous (adj)
    lavish; rich
  73. Sunder (v)
    to separate; part
  74. Superannuated (adj)
    retired or disqualified because of age
  75. Supercilious (adj)
    arrogant; condescending; patronizing
  76. Supererogatory (adj)
    superfluous; more than needed or demanded
  77. Supernumerary (n)
    a person or thing in excess of what is necessary
  78. Supersede (v)
    to cause to be set aside; replace; make obsolete
  79. Suppliant (adj)
    entreating; beseeching
  80. Supplicate (v)
    to petition humbly; pray to grant a favor
  81. Supposition (n)
    hypothesis; surmise
  82. Suppositious (adj)
    assumed; counterfeit; hypothetical
  83. Surmount (v)
    to overcome
  84. Swarthy (adj)
    dark; dusky
  85. Swathe (v)
    to wrap around; bandage
  86. Sylvan (adj)
    pertaining to the woods; rustic
  87. Synoptic (adj)
    providing a general overview; summary
  88. Tantalize (v)
    to tease; torture with disappointment
  89. Tantamount (adj)
    equivalent in effect or value
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