Barron's 3500 words

  1. Redolent (adj)
    fragrant; odorous
  2. Redoubtable (adj)
    formidable; causing fear
  3. Reek (v)
    to emit (also, n)
  4. Refrectory (n)
    dining hall
  5. Refractory (adj)
    stubborn; unmangeable
  6. Refulgent (adj)
    brightly shining; gleaming
  7. Relegate (v)
    to banish to an inferior position; delegate; assign
  8. Relish (v)
    to savor; enjoy
  9. Remiss (adj)
  10. Remonstrance (n)
    protest; objection
  11. Remunerative (adj)
    compensating; rewarding
  12. Rend (v)
    to split; tear apart (rent, n)
  13. Render (v)
    to deliver; provide; represent
  14. Renege (v)
    to deny; go back on
  15. Rent (n)
    rip; split
  16. Repartee (n)
    clever reply
  17. Repine (v)
    to fret; complain
  18. Reprisal (n)
  19. Reproach (v)
    to express disapproval or disappointment
  20. Reprobate (n)
    person hardened in sin, devoid of a sense of decency
  21. Reprobation (n)
    severe disapproval
  22. Reprove (v)
    to censure; rebuke
  23. Repugnance (n)
  24. Rescind (v)
    to cancel
  25. Resolution (n)
    determination; resolve
  26. Respite (n)
    interval of relief; time for rest; delay in punishment
  27. Retinue (n)
    following; attendants
  28. Retiring (adj)
    modest; shy
  29. Retrench (v)
    to cut down; economize
  30. Revelry (n)
    boiserous merry-making
  31. Reverent (adj)
    respectful; worshipful
  32. Reverie (n)
    daydreaming; musing
  33. Revile (v)
    to attck with abusive language
  34. Revulsion (n)
    sudden violent change of feeling; negative reaction
  35. Rhapsodize (v)
    to speak or write in an exaggeratedly enthusiastic manner
  36. Rider (n)
    amendment or clause added to a legislative bill
  37. Rile (v)
    to vex; irritate; muddy
  38. Roil (v)
    to make liquids murky by stirring up sediment; disturb
  39. Roseate (adj)
    rosy; optimistic
  40. Rostrum (n)
    a platform for making a speech; pulpit
  41. Rout (v)
    to stampede; drive out
  42. Rubric (n)
    title or heading (in red print); directions for religious ceremony; protocol
  43. Ruddy (adj)
    reddish; healthy looking
  44. Ruminate (v)
    to chew
  45. Runic (adj)
    mysterious; set down in an ancient alphabet
  46. Rusticate (v)
    to banish to the country; dwell in the country
  47. Salacious (adj)
    lascivious; lustful
  48. Sallow (adj)
    yellowish; sickly in color
  49. Salutary (adj)
    tending to improve; benificial; wholesome
  50. Sanction (v)
    to approve; ratify
  51. Sanguinary (adj)
  52. Sanguine (adj)
    cheerful; hopeful
  53. Sartorial (adj)
    pertaining to the tailors
  54. Sate (v)
    satisfy to the full
  55. Saturnine (adj)
  56. Scad (n)
    a great quantity
  57. Schism (n)
    division; split
  58. Scotch (v)
    stamp out; thwart; hinder
  59. Scourge (n)
    lash; whip; severe punishment
  60. Scruple (v)
    to fret about; hesitate, for ethical reasons (also n)
  61. Scurrilous (adj)
    obscene; indecent
  62. Scuttle (v)
    to sink
  63. Seamy (adj)
    sordid; unwholesome
  64. Secrete (v)
    to hide away or cache; to produce and release a substance into an organism
  65. Sedate (adj)
    composed; grave
  66. Sedentary (adj)
    requiring sitting
  67. Sedulous (adj)
  68. Seemly (adj)
    proper; appopriate
  69. Seethe (v)
    to be disturbed; boil
  70. Seine (n)
    a net for catching fish
  71. Sensuous (adj)
    pertaining to the physical senses; operating through the senses
  72. Sententious (adj)
    terse; concise; aphoristic
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