1. In pavlovs experiment, the tone was
    the conditioned stimulus
  2. In classical conditioning, the initial learning of the conditioned response is called
  3. Pairing an unpleasant UCS with a nutral stimulas will cause one to
    avoid the cs
  4. The realative ease of classically conditioning fear to stimuli that are natually dangerous as opposed to more neutral stimuli is explained by
    biological prepaidness
  5. clasical conditioning is a relatively permanent form of learning is best supported by
    spontaneous recovery
  6. if __ is missing from the brain, one could not learn to fear through classical conditioning
  7. Pairing milk with celebrities is an effective way to market milk since the celevrities serve as
    conditioned stimuli
  8. Ader amd cohen's rats died becuase
    their immune systems diminished automatically in the presence of sweet water.
  9. An inert substance that nevertheless seems to ahve medicinal effects is called
    a placebo
  10. Negative reinforcement is the __ of a consequence to __ the probability of a behavior occuring again
    Removal; Increase
  11. The most effective , punishment should be accompanied by
  12. Unconditioned response (ucr)
    unlearned reaction to an unconditioned stimulus with no previous conditioning
  13. condtioned stimulus (cs)
    a previoulsy neutral stimulus that now can evoke a conditioned responce
  14. conditioned respose (cr)
    a learned reaction to a conditioned stimulus that occurs because of previous conditioning
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