Humanities Review 2

  1. In Rococo art, what are the general subjects?
    Romantic encounters and pursuit of pleasure, the subject matter is always intimate.
  2. In Rococo art what are the general motifs?
    Shells, ribbons, scrolls, cartouches, curved lines.
  3. In Rococo art what is the general color pallet like?
    Pastel colors
  4. In Rococo art what is the lighting generally like?
    Soft or filmy.
  5. What are characteristics of a Grand Manor Portrait Painting?
    Controlled pose, Interesting background, full body.
  6. What was Neo-Classicism influenced by? (5 things)
    • - Recent discovery of Herculaneum and Pompeii
    • - Political models of Greece and Rome
    • - Enlightenment emphasis on rationality, geometry, balance
    • - Popularity of classical texts
    • - Popularity of the grand tour
  7. What are some general characteristics of Neo-Classicism?
    • - Classical ideal forms
    • - Classical architecture
  8. What did Winckelmann say about Neo-Classicism?
    "Noble simplicity and quiet grandeur"
  9. What did Diderot say about Neo-Classicism?
    • "Make virtue adorable and vice repugnant"
    • It was a moral tool to promote virtue.
  10. What are the movements of a classical symphony?
    • - Opening faster movement, sonata allegro form
    • - Slower movement, perhaps adagio
    • - Minuet and trio
    • - Faster movement, allegro, rondo, or sonata
  11. What are the main elements in the Sonata Allegro form (First movement)?
    • - Exposition
    • - Development - elaboration and contrast of themes
    • - Recapitulation - resolution of harmonies and themes (Altered repeat of the exposition)
    • - Theme A/Theme B
    • - Dominant key/tonic key
  12. What are the main elements of Minuet and trio?
    • ABA
    • Example: Mozart ein klein whatever
  13. Who were important authors/works in the Neo-Classicism period?
    • Augustans
    • Jonathan Swift
    • Candide/Voltaire
  14. What were the Augustans known for?
    Poets who admired and modeled themselves on the poets of anceint rome
  15. What was Jonathan Swift known for?
    A modest proposal, a satire about eating irish children.
  16. What were the general characteristics of Romantic art? (6 things)
    • Overall break with rigid structure of neo classicism
    • expression of personal feelings/focus on individual/self analysis
    • Love of the fantastic and the exotic
    • Interest in nature
    • Nationalism
    • Eternal feminine
  17. What time period is Beethoven associated with?
  18. What are 4 important things to remember about Beethoven?
    • Became deaf in the height of his career
    • Trained in classical tradition
    • Emotional music, perhaps autobiographical
    • Wrote symphony no 3 in E flat that was originally dedicated to Napoleon
  19. What are some characteristics for an Art Song of Lieder?
    • Strophic vs. Through Composed
    • The music changes with each verse
    • They were different than hymns that repeat the same music with each verse
    • It was music written for a poem
  20. What is an example of an Art song/lieder?
    Schubert's Erlkonig
  21. What is it called when music is written for a poem?
    Art Song or Lieder
  22. What is program music?
    Music that doesn't have words, but the story is told through instruments
  23. What is an example of program music?
    Berlioz's Symphony Fantastique
  24. What is Bel Canto?
    Beautiful singing, applies to opera
  25. What is Idee fixe or Leitmotive?
    A clip of music that is identified with a certain character.
  26. What is the most prominent feature of Romanticism in music?
  27. Which composer is associated with Gesamtkunstwerk?
  28. What is Gesamtkunstwerk?
    Uniting music, painting, poetry and movement
  29. Who were some artists associated with Romantacism in literature?
    • Wordsworth
    • Byron
    • Shelley
    • Keats
  30. What works are associated with Wordsworth?
    • Daffoldils
    • The world is too much with us
    • My heart leaps up when I behold
  31. What works are associated with Byron?
    • Bright be the place of thy soul
    • we'll go no more aroving
    • When we two parted
  32. What works are associated with Shelley?
    • Ozymandias
    • Dirge
  33. What works are associated with Keats?
    • Bright Star
    • whne I have fears...
  34. What are characteristics of Sturm and Drang Literature?
    • Storm and stress or storm and urge
    • German
    • Nationalistic influence and folk elements
    • Restlessness and passion
  35. What was Marie Taglioni known for with Romantacism Ballet?
    Point technique - dancing on your toes
  36. What was the Ballet Blanc?
    • It is the pure classical for of ballet
    • everyone is in white
  37. Who was the founder of realism in art?
  38. What are the general characteristics of impressionism?
    • Sought to reproduce the way an image first appears to the eye
    • Focus on light and color
    • Painted sketch feel
    • Broken color technique
  39. What are the 3 types of paintings tha Degas made?
    • Ballets
    • Real People (Not enhanced)
    • Horses
  40. Why was the Impressionist artist Cassatt significant?
    • She got impressionist paintings out in the world
    • She was a girl
    • She was American
    • Her subject matter was almost always women and children
  41. What are the characteristics of impressionist music? (8)
    • Broken chords
    • ABA form
    • Dissonance
    • The beat is varied, no pulsating beat
    • Polytonality
    • Moods were vague and evanescent
    • It was a reaction against Wagner
    • Fragmented phrases
  42. What is the 12 tone technique?
    • Tone row
    • Inversion
    • Retrograde
    • Retrograde Inversion
  43. What is Sprechstimme?
    Voiced speech
  44. What are the general characteristics of Post Impressionism?
    • Vivid use of color
    • Thick application of paint
    • Distinctive brush strokes
    • Real life subject matter
    • More inclined to use geometric shapes
    • More use of arbitrary color
  45. What was post impressionism in a nutshell?
    Extended impressionism but rejected limitations
  46. Why does Bennett like guys?
    I don't know... that is a good question
  47. What is the main characteristic of Fauvism?
    Violent difference in use of color
  48. What were the Fauvs often called?
    Wild Beasts
  49. Where did expressionism take place?
  50. What were some general characteristics of Expressionism?
    • Grouped in schools: Die Brucke and Der Blaue Reiter
    • Concerned with emotional impact of the work
    • Used bold and vibrant colors to evoke that emotion
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