Barron's 3500 words

  1. Precept (n)
    practical rule guiding conduct
  2. Precipice (n)
    cliff; dangerous posistion
  3. Precipitant (n)
    something that causes a substance in a chemical reaction to separate out in solid form
  4. Precipitate (v, adj)
    • (adj) rash; premature; hasty; sudden
    • (v) to throw headlong; hasten
  5. Precipitous (adj)
    steep; overhasty
  6. Précis (n)
    consice summing up of main points
  7. Preclude (v)
    to make impossible; eliminate
  8. Precocious (adj)
    advanced in development
  9. Predilection (n)
    partiality; preference
  10. Prefatory (adj)
    introductory; forerunner
  11. Prelate (n)
    church dignitary
  12. Premonitory (adj)
    serving to warn
  13. Preponderance (n)
    superiority of power, quantity, etc
  14. Presage (v)
    to foretell
  15. Prescience (n)
    ability to tell the future
  16. Presentiment (n)
    feeling something will happen
  17. Presumptuous (adj)
    arrogant; taking liberties
  18. Preternatural (adj)
    beyond that which is normal in nature
  19. Prim (adj)
    very precise and formal
  20. Primogeniture (n)
    seniority by birth
  21. Privation (n)
    hardship; want
  22. Prodigious (adj)
    marvelous; enormous
  23. Profane (v)
    to violate; desolate; treat unworthily (also, adj)
  24. Profusion (n)
    overabundance; lavish expenditure; excess
  25. Progenitor (n)
  26. Prolixity (n)
    tedious wordiness; verbosity
  27. Promontory (n)
  28. Promulgate (v)
    to proclaim a doctrine or law; make known by official publication
  29. Propinquity (n)
    nearness; kinship
  30. Propitious (adj)
    favorable; fortunate; advantageous
  31. Propound (v)
    to put forth for analysis
  32. Prosaic (adj)
    dull and unimaginative; matter-of-fact; factual
  33. Proscenium (n)
    part of stage in front of curtain
  34. Proscribe (v)
    to ostracize; banish; outlaw
  35. Proselytize (v)
    to induce someone to convert to a religion or belief
  36. Prosody (n)
    the art of versification
  37. Prostrate (v)
    to strecth out full on the ground
  38. Protean (adj)
    versatile; able to take on many forms
  39. Protege (n)
    person revieving protection and support from a patron
  40. Protract (v)
    to prolong
  41. Protuberance (n)
    protrusion; bulge
  42. Provenance (n)
    origin or source of something
  43. Provender (n)
    dry food; fodder
  44. Provident (adj)
    displaying foresight; thrify; preparing for emergencies
  45. Provincial (adj)
    pertaining to a province; limited in outlook; unsophisticated
  46. Provisional (adj)
  47. Proviso (n)
  48. Proxy (n)
    authorized agent; substitute
  49. Prurient (adj)
    having or causing lustful thoughts or desires
  50. Pugnacity (n)
    combativeness; disposition to fight
  51. Puissant (adj)
    powerful; strong; potent
  52. Punctilious (adj)
    stressing niceties of conduct or form; minutely attentive (perhaps too much so) to fine points
  53. Purchase (n)
    firm grasp or footing
  54. Purport (n)
    intention; meaning
  55. Purported (adj)
    alleged; claimed; reputed or rumored
  56. Purse (v)
    to pucker; contract into wrinkles
  57. Putative (adj)
    supposed; reputed
  58. Quaff (v)
    to drink with relish
  59. Quagmire (n)
    soft, wet, boggy land
  60. Quail (v)
    to cower; lose heart
  61. Qualified (adj)
    limited; restricted (eg., a qualified endorsement)
  62. Quarry (n, v)
    • (n) victim; object of a hunt
    • (v) to dig into
  63. Quay (n)
    dock; landing place
  64. Quibble (n)
    minor objection or complaint
  65. Quip (n)
  66. Quirk (n)
    startling twist; caprice
  67. Quisling (n)
    traitor who aids invaders
  68. Quizzical (adj)
    teasing; bantering; mocking; curious
  69. Quorum (n)
    number of members necessary to conduct a meeting
  70. Ragamuffin (n)
    person wearing tattered clothes
  71. Rail (v)
    to scold; rant
  72. Raiment (n)
  73. Rackish (adj)
    stylish; sporty
  74. Ramification (n)
    branching out; subdivision
  75. Ramify (v)
    to divide into branches
  76. Rampart (n)
    a defensive mound of earth
  77. Rancor (n)
    bitterness; hatred
  78. Rankle (v)
    to irritate; fester
  79. Rapacious (adj)
    excessively grasping; plundering
  80. Rapt (adj)
    absorbed; enchanted
  81. Ratify (v)
    to approve formally; confirm; verify
  82. Ratiocination (n)
    reasoning; act of drawing conclusions from premises
  83. Ravel (v)
    to fall apart into tangles; unravel or untwist; entangle
  84. Reactionary (adj)
    opposing progress; politically ultraconservative
  85. Rebuff (v)
    to snub; beat back
  86. Rebuke (v)
    to scold harshly; criticize severely
  87. Rebus (n)
    puzzle in which pictures stand for words
  88. Recalcitrant (adj)
    obstinately stubborn; determined to resist authority; unruly
  89. Recant (v)
    to disclaim or disavow; retract a previous statement; openly confess error
  90. Recapitulate (v)
    to summarize
  91. Recondite (adj)
    abstruse; profound; secret
  92. Recrimination (n)
  93. Rectitude (n)
    uprightness; moral virtue; correctness of judgment
  94. Recumbent (adj)
    reclining; lying down completely or in part
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