UIL Vocabulary 6

  1. joint venture
    a business enterprise in which two or more companies enter atemporary partnership.
  2. kirigami
    the Japanese art or technique of cutting and folding paper intoobjects or designs
  3. Kirkuk
    a city in N Iraq
  4. lacertilian
    belonging or pertaining to the reptilian suborder Lacertilia,comprising the lizards.

  5. lanugo
    a coat of delicate, downy hairs, especially that with which the human fetus or a newborn infant is covered.

    < Latin lānūgō wooliness, down
  6. leatherette
    a material constructed of paper or cloth and finished to simulatethe grain, color, and texture of leather.
  7. leguminous
  8. lotus position
    a standard seated posture for yoga, with legs intertwined, left footover right thigh, and right foot over left thigh.
  9. ludic
    playful in an aimless way
  10. maceration
    • 1. the process of: to soften or separate into parts by steeping in a liquid.
    • 2. a process in winemaking in which the crushed grape skins areleft in the juice until they have imparted the desired color orthe proper amount of tannins and aroma.

    Latin, to make soft, weaken, steep
  11. macrofossil
    a fossil large enough to be studied and identified without the use of a microscope.
  12. magnanimity
    the quality of being: generous in forgiving an insult or injury; free from petty resentfulness or vindictiveness

    < Latin magnanimus great-souled
  13. malapropism
    an act or habit of misusing words ridiculously, especially bythe confusion of words that are similar in sound.
  14. manorial
    • –noun
    • 1. (England) a landed estate or territorial unit, originally ofthe nature of a feudal lordship, consisting of a lord's demesneand of lands within which he has the right to exercise certainprivileges, exact certain fees, etc.
    • 2. any similar territorial unit in medieval europe, as a feudalestate.

    Latin manēre to remain
  15. martial law
    • –noun
    • 1.
    • the law temporarily imposed upon an area by state ornational military forces when civil authority has broken downor during wartime military operations.
    • 2.
    • the law imposed upon a defeated country or occupiedterritory by the military forces of the occupying power.
  16. martyrdom
    • –noun
    • 1.
    • the condition, sufferings, or death of a martyr.
    • 2.
    • extreme suffering; torment.
  17. mediator
    • –noun
    • a person who mediates, especially between parties at variance

    Latin, to be in the middle, intercede.
  18. meerschaum
    • –noun
    • 1.
    • a mineral, occurring in white, claylike masses, used for ornamentalcarvings, for pipe bowls, etc.; sepiolite.
    • 2.
    • a tobacco pipe with a bowl made of this substance.

    German, foam
  19. mesmerist
    • –noun
    • 1. hypnosis as induced, according to F. A. Mesmer, throughanimal magnetism. 2. hypnotism.
    • 3. a compelling attraction; fascination.
  20. mezzo-soprano
    • –noun
    • 1. a voice or voice part intermediate in compass betweensoprano and contralto. 2. a person having such a voice.

  21. microscopy
    use of the microscope
  22. misogynist
    someone who feels hatred, dislike, or mistrust toward women.

  23. monastery
    a house or place of residence occupied by a community of persons, especially monks, living in seclusion under religious vows.

    Late Greek monastḗrion monk house, orig. hermit's cell, or to be alone
  24. moribund
    • 1. in a dying state; near death.
    • 2. on the verge of extinction or termination.
    • 3. not progressing or advancing; stagnant

    < Latin moribundus dying
  25. mukluks
    • 1. a soft boot worn by Eskimos, often lined with fur and usually made of sealskin or reindeer skin.
    • 2. a similar boot with a soft sole, usually worn for lounging.

    Yupik maklak bearded seal
  26. mycetoma
    • Pathology .
    • a chronic tumorous infection caused by any of various soil-dwelling fungi, usually affecting the foot.

  27. myelitis
    • Pathology .
    • 1. inflammation of the substance of the spinal cord.
    • 2. inflammation of the bone marrow.
  28. myology
    • the science or branch of anatomy dealing with muscles
    • Latin
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