Vocab List- 3.17.11

  1. 周围

    看看周围的小伙 个个都挺娘
    zhou1 wei2 (around, surroundings, environment)
  2. niang2-mother, lady....as adj means girly if used on a man
  3. 渴望

    ke3wang2 thirst for, long for
  4. 愿望

    yuan4wang4- wish, hope desire
  5. 我妈妈她也问你存折有几张
    My mother will also ask you how much savings you have
    存折-cun2zhe2- bank account deposit book
  6. 你们要是还没有我强
    If you guys aren’t even as capable as me

    grammar construction
  7. 吃软饭
    to live off of a woman-chi ruan3 fan4
  8. 别想把美女泡上床
    泡-pao4 ...as in 泡niu
  9. 如果你生活都没奔小康
    奔小康-xiao kang1-towards being well off- high standard of living
  10. 凭什么我和你去流浪
    Why should I accompany you in wandering
    凭什么 ping2 (no matter what)

    • 我和你去流浪
    • Why should I accompany you in wandering

    流浪 liu2lang4 (to drift, wander)
  11. 你说我现实我承认也无妨
    You say I am realistic/practical, that I may as well admit
    现实-xian4shi2 (realistic)

    承认 (chen2ren4) -to admit, to recognize

    无妨-wu2fang2-whatever, wusuowei
  12. 骂我拜金我也不受伤
    You can call me a gold-digger and I won’t feel hurt
    拜金-bai4jin1 money worshipper, gold digger
  13. 男人总得有个男人的模样
    A man after all should be like a man
    模样 mu2yang4-look style appearance
  14. 我是个专业的水鬼,今天第一次出来冒泡!
    水鬼??? (water ghost)- a person who doesnt really write comments on the internet

    冒泡 mao4pao4

    奢求 (she1qiu2)这么多-to make extravagant demands, unreasonable requests

    人生 human life

    浮云 (fu2yun2)-superficial
  15. 也对 ,就像谁也不愿意找凤姐一样,男人看女人会先看脸的。女人有要求就挨骂了?太幼稚
    凤姐-pheonix woman??? (ugly woman from feichenwurao who thought she was amazingly good looking

    挨骂 ai2ma-recieve a scolding

    幼稚 you4 zhi4- childish, naive
  16. 也不全怪她们拜金, 现在社会就这样, 她们只是不虚伪,不掩饰 谁想嫁给一个穷小子呢》
    虚伪 xu1wei3- fake, false, hypocritical

    掩饰-yan3shi4-coverup, conceal a fault
  17. 脑残
    nao3can2 shithead, braindead
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