Barron's 3500 words

  1. Laity (n)
    laypersons; persons not connected with the clergy
  2. Lambste (v)
    beat; thrash verbally or physically
  3. Lancet (n)
    small surgical tool for making incisions
  4. Languish (v)
    to lose animation or strength
  5. Languor (n)
    lassitude; depression
  6. Lank (adj)
    long and thin
  7. Larder (n)
    pantry; place where food is kept
  8. Leaven (v)
    to cause to rise or grow lighter; enliven
  9. Lechery (n)
    gross lewdness; lustfulness
  10. Libel (n)
    defamatory statement
  11. Libretto (n)
    text of an opera
  12. Ligneous (adj)
    like wood
  13. Limn (v)
    to draw; outline; describe
  14. Lineaments (n)
    features, especially of the face
  15. Litany (n)
    supplicatory prayer
  16. Lithe (adj)
    flexible; supple
  17. Litotes (n)
    understatement for emphasis
  18. Loath (adj)
    reluctant; disinclined
  19. Lode (n)
    metal-bearing vein
  20. Loll (v)
    to lounge about
  21. Lope (v)
    gallop slowly
  22. Lout (n)
    clumsy person
  23. low (v)
    to moo
  24. Lucre (n)
  25. Luminary (n)
    celebrity; dignitary
  26. Lurid (adj)
    wild; sensational; graphic; gruesome
  27. Macerate (v)
    to soften by soaking in liquid
  28. Maculated (adj)
    spotted; stained
  29. Madrigal (n)
    pastoral song
  30. Magesterial (adj)
    authoritative; imperious
  31. Magnanimity (adj)
  32. Magniloquent (adj)
    boastful, pompous
  33. Malaise (n)
    uneasiness; vague feeling of ill-health
  34. Malopropism (n)
    comic misuse of a word
  35. Malefactor (n)
    evildoer; criminal
  36. Malevolent (adj)
    wishing evil
  37. Malign (v)
    to speak evil of; badmouth; defame
  38. Malingerer (n)
    one who feigns illness to escape work
  39. Manacle (v)
    to restrain; handcuff
  40. Mannered (adj)
    affected; not natural
  41. Manumit (v)
    to emancipate; free from bondage
  42. Martial (adj)
  43. Masochist (n)
    person who enjoys their own pain
  44. Masticate (v)
    to chew
  45. Maverick (n)
    rebel; nonconformist
  46. Mawkish (adj)
    mushy and gushy; icky-sticky sentimental; maudlin
  47. Mealymouthed (adj)
    indirect in speech; hypocritical; evasive
  48. Megalomania (n)
    mania for doing grandiose things
  49. Mellifluous (adj)
    sweetly or smoothly flowing; melodious
  50. Menagerie (n)
    collection of wild animals
  51. Mete (v)
    to measure
  52. Meteoric (adj)
    sif; momentarily brilliant
  53. Mettle (n)
    courage; spirit
  54. Miasma (n)
    swamp gas; heavy, vaporous atmosphere often emanating from decaying matter; pervasive, corrupting influence
  55. Milieu (n)
    environment; means of expression
  56. Minatory (adj)
    menacing; threatening
  57. Mincing (adj)
    affectedly dainty
  58. Minutiae (n)
    petty details
  59. Mire (v)
    to entangle; stick in swampy ground
  60. Miscreant (n)
    wretch; villain
  61. Misgivings (n)
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