Lipid Review

  1. Dyslipidemia starts as a _______ disorder and ends as an ___________ response.
    • "lipid"
    • "inflammatory"
  2. What is a foam cell?
    A macrophage full of engulfed lipids.
  3. Glucocorticoids, androgens, estrogens, aldosterone, and phospholipid stabilizers all have what in common?
    They are all made from cholesterol.
  4. True or false?

    Apoproteins cleave triglycerides from lipoproteins.
    • False.
    • Apoproteins are important flags for various receptors/enzymes. Lipoprotein lipase cleaves triglycerides from lipoproteins.
  5. What are some sources of cholesterol for our body?
    • Diet
    • Synthesis by the liver and adrenals
  6. What are some avenues of elimination for cholesterol in our bodies?
    • Bile
    • Feces
  7. What transporters carry dietary fat from the intestines to the tissues?
  8. The ratio of trigs. to cholesterol in a chylomicron is...
  9. What apoprotein serves as a flag for chylomicrons to be picked up by the liver?
  10. Which lipoprotein carries fatty acids from the liver to muscle and adipose? Trigs:cholesterol ratio? What apoprotein flags it for pick-up by the liver? What apoprotein flags it for trig. cleavage by LPL?
    • VLDL
    • 5:1
    • ApoB100
    • ApoC-II
  11. Which lipoprotein is considered "atherogenic"? What is its trig:cholesterol ratio? What apoprotein flags it for pick-up by the liver?
    • LDL
    • <10% trigs:50-60% cholesterol
    • ApoB100
  12. Which apoprotein flags a lipoprotein for cleavage by LPL?
  13. What types of cells have LDL receptors?
    • Hepatocytes, macrophages.
    • Gonadal cells, smooth muscle cells, adrenal cells, lymphocytes.
  14. True or false?

    LDL easily permeates membranes and is easily oxidized.
  15. Which lipoprotein transports cholesterol from peripheral tissue to the liver?
  16. Which type of lipoprotein may be termed a "reverse cholesterol transporter?"
  17. What types of cells have HDL receptors?
    • Liver
    • adrenal gland
    • gonads
    • *[HDL delivers cholesterol to the sites in the body where steroids are made?]
  18. Where do the phospholipids and apoproteins in a chylomicron come from? (the triglycerides and cholesterol come from diet).
    The gastrointestinal membrane.
  19. Where do chylomicrons get apoC-II?
  20. Why must an individual fast before having blood drawn for a lipid panel?
    To ensure that no chylomicrons are left in the circulation.
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