English 6th Lit Terms Exam

  1. Paradox
    "War is Peace"

    George Orwell
  2. Parallelism
    "Truth is not a diet but a condiment."

    Christopher Morley
  3. The humorous imitation of a work of literature, art, or music
  4. The quality in a work of literature that arouses a feeling of pity, or sorrow, or compassion in the reader.
  5. Persona
    Will Mclean from The Lords of Discipline

    Pat Conroy
  6. Personification
    The camera loves me.
  7. The type of speaking or writing that is intended to make its audience adopt a certain opinion, or perform an action, or do both.
  8. A simple and clear style of writing which began as a revolt against ornate style
    Plain Style
  9. The sequence of events or actions in a short story, novel, play, or native poem.
  10. The vantage point from which a narrative is told.
    Point of view
  11. Protagonist
    • Will Mclean The Lords of Discipline
    • Pat Conroy
  12. Pun
    • "Look deep into our ryes."
    • slogan of Wigler's Bakery
  13. Quatrain
    • "The Mountain"
    • Donna Brock
    • The mountain frames the sky (a)
    • As a shadow of an eagle flies by.(a)
    • With clouds hanging at its edge (b)
    • A climber proves his courage on its rocky ledge. (b)
  14. Realism
    • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
    • Mark Twain
  15. A word, phrase, line, or group of lines repeated regularly in a poem, usually at the end of each stanza
  16. A prayer, song, or poem for the repose of the dead.
  17. The focal point of many narratives.
  18. Rhetoric
    • "But when shall we be stronger?"
    • Patrick Henry's "Speech in the Virginia Convention"
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