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  1. What is the most prominent response to altitude?
    Hyperventilation: Need to get more oxygen into the body due to low PO2
  2. What receptors are activated at high altitudes?
    Peripheral Chemoreceptors b/c the detect low PO2
  3. What is polycythemia?
    Increased RBC Production
  4. What is the stimulus for Polycythemia?
    Hypoxia (generally at high altitudes or with R-L Shunts)
  5. What happens to 2,3-DPG at high altitudes?
    Increases to release more O2 from Hb
  6. What do diffusion defects, R-L shunts and V/Q defects do to A-a gradients?
    Increase them
  7. What is the effect of supplemental O2 with R-L shunt?
    No effect, b/c shunted blood is not oxygenated
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