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  1. What is positive cooperativity?
    For every oxygen that binds to Hb there is more affinity for the next oxygen to bind until 4 have saturated the Hb.
  2. Why does Methemoglobin not bind Oxygen?
    It has been oxidized from Fe2+ to Fe3+
  3. What replaces the 2beta chains in fetal Hb?
    2 gamma chains
  4. Why is the affinity for oxygen higher in the fetus than adults?
    They need to take oxygen from the mother for development
  5. What disease is caused by HbS and why?
    • Disease = Sickle-cell anemia
    • Why = HbS has bad Beta subunits
  6. What is the difference in PO2 in the lungs and tissues?
    • Lungs = Higher PO2 to bind to Hb
    • Tissues = Lower PO2 to release O2 from Hb
  7. What is the definition of p50 for Hb?
    The PO2 where 50% of the Hb is saturated (e.g. two subunits are occupied)
  8. What is the PaO2 in the lungs?
    100 mmHg
  9. What is the PvO2 in the tissues?
    40 mm Hg
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