ch 11 keywords

  1. implant placed on top of the bone under the periosteum
    subperiosteal implant
  2. implant that penetrates entirely through the bone
    transosteal implant
  3. implant placed into the bone
    endosseous (endosteal) implant
  4. a mixture of two or more metals (hint: you better know this one by now!)
  5. bone growing into intimate contact with an implant
  6. metal cylinder placed into the bone to support a crown or prosthesis
    implant fixture
  7. metal component that connects the implant crown to the implant fixture
    implant abutment
  8. component placed in the top of the implant fixture to prevent tissue from growing into the top of the fixture during healing
    cover screw
  9. replaces the cover screw when the top of the implant fixture is uncovered and it allows soft tissue to adapt to it
    healing abutment
  10. used in the implant impression to align the implant analog in the same way as the fixture was in the mouth
    impression abutment
  11. a replica of the implant fixture that is used in the lab fabrication of the implant crown
    implant analog
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