Barron's 3500 words

  1. Gouge (v)
    to overcharge (like price gouging gas-stations)
  2. Gourmet (n)
    connisseur of food and drink
  3. Grandiloquent (adj)
    pompous; bombastic; using high-sounding language
  4. Granulate (v)
    to make into grains
  5. Grate (v)
    to make a harsh noise
  6. Grisly (adj)
  7. Grouse (v)
    to complain; fuss
  8. Guffaw (n)
    boisterous laughter
  9. Guileless (adj)
    without deceit
  10. Gull (v)
    to trick; hoodwink
  11. Guy (n)
    a cable or chain attached to something that needs to be braced or steadied
  12. Hackles (n)
    hair on back and neck, esp of a dog
  13. Hackneyed (adj)
    commonplace; trite
  14. Haggard (adj)
    wasted away; gaunt
  15. Halcyon (adj)
    calm; peaceful
  16. Hale (adj)
  17. Hap (n)
    chance; luck
  18. Harangue (n)
    long, passionate and vehement speech
  19. Harbinger (n)
  20. Harrowing (adj)
    agonizing; distressing; traumatic
  21. Harry (v)
    to harass, annoy, torment; raid
  22. Haughtiness (n)
    pride; arrogance
  23. Hermetic (adj, adj)
    • sealed by fusion so as to be airtight
    • obscure and mysterious; occult
  24. Hermitage (n)
    home of a hermit
  25. Heterodox (adj)
    unorthodox; unconventional
  26. Hew (v)
    to cut to pieces with ax or sword
  27. Hibernal (adj)
  28. Hinterlands (n)
    back country
  29. Hireling (n)
    one who serves for hire (usualy used contemptuously)
  30. Hirsute (adj)
  31. Histrionic (adj)
  32. Homespun (adj)
    domestic; made at home
  33. Homily (n)
    sermon; serious warning
  34. Hortatory (adj)
    encouraging; exhortive
  35. Hovel (n)
    shack; small, wretched house
  36. Hubris (n)
    arrogane; excessive self-conceit
  37. Hue and cry (n)
  38. Hummock (n)
    small hill
  39. Hurtle (v)
    to crash; rush (like hurtling towards disaster)
  40. Ichtheology (n)
    the study of fish
  41. Idolatry (n)
    worship of idols
  42. Ignominy (n)
    deep disgrace; shame; dishonor
  43. Illimitable (adj)
  44. Illusive (adj)
  45. Immolate (v)
    to offer as a sacrifice
  46. Immure (v)
    to imprison; shut up in confinement
  47. Immutable (adj)
  48. Impalpable (adj)
    intangible; imperceptable
  49. Impassive (adj)
    without feeling; imperturbable; stoical
  50. Impel (v)
    to drive or force onward
  51. Impenitent (adj)
    not repentant
  52. Imperious (adj)
    domineering; haughty
  53. Impertinent (adj)
    insolent; rude
  54. Impetus (n)
    moving force; incentive; stimulus
  55. Impinge (v)
    infringe; toch; collide with
  56. Impolitic (adj)
    not wise
  57. Imponderable (adj)
  58. Import (n)
  59. Importunate (adj)
    urging; demanding
  60. Importune (v)
    to beg persistently
  61. Impropriety (n)
    improperness; unsuitableness
  62. Improvident (adj)
  63. Imprudent (adj)
    lacking caution; unwise
  64. Impudence (adj)
    impertinence; insolence
  65. Impuissance (n)
    powerlessness; feebleness
  66. Impute (v)
    to attribute; ascribe
  67. Inarticulate (adj)
    speechless; producing indistinct speech
  68. Incantation (n)
    singing or chanting of magic spells
  69. Incense (v)
    to enrage; infuriate
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