Chapter 2

  1. Process
    A package of inputs, tools and outputs used together to do something necessary and valuable for the project
  2. Phases
    Phases have names like "requirements gathering," "design," "construction," "testing," and "implementation." Each phase of a project produces one or more deliverables
  3. Project
    A project is a temporary (finite) group of related tasks undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result
  4. Program
    A program is a larger effort than a project, because it is a group of related projects coordinated together.
  5. Portfolio
    A company's project portfolio represents the entire investment in projects and programs
  6. Progressive Elaboration
    Simply means that you do not know all of the characteristics about a product when you begin the project. Instead, they may be revisited often and refined.
  7. Project Management
    Project management is using skills, knowledge, and resources to satisfy project requirements
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Chapter 2
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