Ethics and Principles

  1. Absolute Truth
    • - Is Universal
    • - Applies to every person whether they know it or not
    • - Comes to us from God via revelatoin, prophets, scripture
    • - Unchanging, fixed, constant
  2. Metaphysical Perspective
    What is Reality?
    • Absolute
    • Unchanging, constant, fixed,
    • Universal for everyone
    • Always able to trust
    • Source is External to individual
  3. Metaphysical Perspective #2
    • Relative
    • Open to change
    • Flexible
    • Real if real for me
    • Real for a time
    • Create my own reality
  4. Loss of Plian and Precious truths
    Spiritually significant doctrine= quicker attack from the devil

    • One false doctrine leads to another
    • Premortality, resurrection, man becoming god-like were all early casualies
  5. Benefits of an Absolute Perspective
    • - Values consistent with one's principles/beliefs
    • - Foundation upon which to build a complete philosopy of life
    • - Assurance of reality accompanied by securtiy and peace
    • - Hope for eternal happiness
  6. Agency, Accountability
    • Other blessings come to us through the Fall. It activated two closely coupled additional gifts
    • agency
    • accountability
    • Eternal Life to those who
    • walketh uprightly
    • speaketh uprightly
  7. Israel foreordained for exaltation
    • Lord sends most righteous and worthy saints to eath through the lineage of Abraham and Jacob
    • saved in celestial kingdom
    • inherit eternal life
  8. Eternal Now
    • God's omniscience is not solely a function of prolonged and discerning familiarity with us
    • past, present, future- part of eternal now

    God knows us perfectly, loves us perfectly
  9. Make body a fit abode for the Spirit of God
    • Purpose of life is to test man, see what they will do with their bodies,
    • righteous exercise of agency
  10. Addictions
    • - That which we know is harmful but insist on doing anyway
    • - Something we feel we need to lie about
    • - Spirit takes body out of harmony with exteranl truths
    • - Exercise becomes an addiction if it goes beyond the point of enhancement and becomes a neccesity...necessary to the individual much as a "fix" to a drug addict
  11. Traits of Exercise Addicts
    • - Introverted
    • - Unable to express anger
    • - High Achievers
    • - Upper-middle socioeconomic class
    • - Self-disciplined
    • - Type A personality
  12. Behaviors of Exercise Addicts
    • - Requires daily exercise to cope
    • - Believe that can't live w/o daily exercise
    • - Manifests withdrawl symptoms without exercise
    • - Continues exercise even if detrimental medically, socially, vocationally
  13. Running, Aerobics
    • - Activaties in which prevalence of exercise addiction is found
    • - Tendency to add to the mileage one is doing to maintain the high
    • - Closely tied to eating problems
    • - Often unaware there is a "problem", denial, compulsive behavior, exercise a necessity more than a choice, like a "fix"
  14. Anorexic Teens
    - Through surveys it has been discovered that many teens with eating problems have come from homes with authoritarian parents...those who try to control, in a negative way, the bahaviors of the sone or daughter
  15. Assistance for one with eating problems
    • - Respond with concern
    • - Listen with empathy
    • - Recommend professional help
  16. According to the Desire of Our Hearts
    • - Desires profoundly affect the use of our moral agency and individuality, they become real determinants, even when we don't want the consequences of our desires
    • - what we insistently desire, over time, is what we will eventually become and what we receive in eternity
    • - Judged according desires of hearts
  17. Offset Addictions Via the Holy Ghost
    • - Seek to be guided constantly by Holy Ghost
    • - Use agency to obey
    • - Will power is NOT the way, but an indication still have desire for wrong
    • - NEVER give up
    • - Contrary to order of heaven to be locked into compulsive immoral behavior with no way out
    • - The Holy Ghost changes lives
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