Botany, inside roots and leaves

  1. endodermis
    a layer of cells in roots between the cortex and vascular tissues
  2. pericycle
    a root tissue giving rise to branch roots
  3. mesophyll
    the parenchyma tissue of a leaf between the upper and lower epidermis, including palisade and spongy cells
  4. palisade cell
    a photosynthetic cell directly beneath the upper leaf epidermis
  5. spongy cell
    one of a group of loosely packed photosynthetic cells in a leaf
  6. vein
    a strand of xylem and phloem in a leaf blade
  7. stoma
    a pore in the epidermis of leaves and herbaceous stems
  8. guard cell
    one of a pair of cells surrounding a stoma
  9. parenchyma
    a thin-walled, undifferentiated cell
  10. clones
    genetically identical organisms produced vegetatively from a single parent
  11. hybrid
    the offspring of two plants of the same or closely related species differing in one or more genes
  12. sieve plate
    the perforated end-wall of a sieve tube member
  13. sieve tube
    a food conducting cell
  14. companion cells
    a phloem cell containing a nucleus, adjacent to a sieve tube
  15. pits
    a small opening in a cell wall
  16. tracheid
    a water-conducting cell in gymnosperms and other lower vascular plants
  17. stone cell (sclereids)
    a hard, thick-walled plant cell
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Botany, inside roots and leaves
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