Social Studies

  1. An illegal or unlawful act
  2. the number of crimes commited in a year for every 100,000 people
    Crime rate
  3. A student of criminal behavior
  4. To hit someone with intent to rob
  5. A crime resulting in the theft or destrustion of property or possesions
    Property Crime
  6. Any one of a number of property or violent crimes
    Serious Crime
  7. A crime resulting in injury or death to a person
    Violent Crime
  8. To find someone gulity of commiting a crime
  9. Someone who breaks the law
  10. A situation where by criminals go to prison are eventually released and then end up back in prison
    Revolvig door system of justice
  11. To set a punish ment for someone who has been convicted
  12. To put someone on trial
  13. How can you prevent getting mugged.
    Carry "mugging money", carry an extra wallet with little money in it, take self defense classes, carry a weaon, carry a whistle, walk near curbs, stay away from dark areas, use the buddy system.
  14. What have schools done to be safer?
    The hired sequrity guards, installed metal detectors, and student I.D. cards
  15. What % of crime are reported to law enforcement officials
  16. Why is there so much crime?
    Some say it is b/c of the break down of law inforcement. Some say it is a symptom of basic problems in our society.
  17. How can we cut down on crime?
    Some suggest more polise, stricter punishments for cimes commited, and a speeder methood of bringing criminals to trial and then seding them off to prison
  18. Most Law enforcement people say that illegal drug use is the most important factor to explain the high crime rate in the US. Cocaine, in partcular crack, has been singled out in this regard. Cocaine use(including crack) reached epidemic proportions with some estimated 4 million users in the US. Young, armed gangs dominate the crack trade. Crack addicts(herion and other addicts as well) will rob, steal and do almost anything to get money to buy drugs. Although not all criminals use drugs a great many do. ****Alcohol abuse is also a factor in many crimes. Over 50% of crimes reported are commited my people under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.
  19. Some americans have arrgued that the case with which one can obtain guns, particularly rapid-fire weapons, has contributed to the increase in crime in the US. No one suggests that a gun alone commits the crime, people commit the crime but the possession of weapons encourage some individuals to take actions that they otherwise would not take. With weapons in hand people may be convinced of their invincibility and power and in this frame of mind commit crimes. The people who are tempted to commit murder or armed robbery have little difficulty finding guns to perform their acts.
  20. A poor or unemployed person, especially one from a rough neighborhood, is more likely to commit street crimes than is a person of wealth. Possibly this is so becuase some of the poor and unemployed become desperate that they commit crimes to stay alive. Others just give up on the system and take what they belive to be theirs. Some join gangs to obtain protection or commit crimes.
    Poverty & Unemployment
  21. There is evidence that old family values have broken down. At one time families had taught their children that one should work hard to obtain what he or she wanted. Families tended to be close knit groups and each family member had a responsibility to one another and the community. Children were taught to respect their elders and the law.

    For many the family has changed and so have beliefs in old values. Many of today's children are brought up with little parental guidance. Often these children put their own gratificiation first, reject the idea that they have a responsibility to others and distrust rather than respect authourity. In such an atmosphere crime breeds.
    Breakdown in families and mortality
  22. Many people in our society are full of hate. Some hate those that are different from themselves or think differently than they do. Some feel alienated and blame society for their pain. Hate, intollerance and alienation breeds crime.
    Allienation & hate
  23. A few people argue that some indiviuals are born criminals. Most criminologist belive however that a person is not born a criminal but is made into one. Often because of neglect or abuse.
    Criminal Character
  24. Who makes up the US Criminal Justice System?

    Do they work towards a common goal?
    The police, courts and corrections. No, they do not.
  25. Exists soley for the purpose of providing a means of protection to the public especially our children from the victimization of sex offenders. This is accomplished by tracking the whereabouts of convicted sex offenders and providing notification to the public of the presence of a sex offender in their community.
    Meagen's Law
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