Barron's 3500 words

  1. Fancier (n)
    a breeder or dealer of animals
  2. Fatalism (n)
    belief that events are determined by forces beyond one's control
  3. Febrile (adj)
  4. Feckless (adj)
    feeble and ineffective; careless and irresponsible
  5. Feint (n)
    trick; shift; sham blow
  6. Felicitous (adj)
    apt; suitably expressed; well-chosen
  7. Fell (adj)
    cruel; deadly
  8. Ferment (n)
    agitation; commotion
  9. Ferret (v)
    to drive or hunt out of hiding
  10. Fete (v)
    to honor at a festival
  11. Fiat (n)
    command; authorization
  12. Fidelity (n)
  13. Filigree (n)
    delicate, lace-like metalwork
  14. Firebrand (n)
    hothead; troublemaker
  15. Fleck (v)
    to spot or color as if by sprinkling
  16. Fleece (v)
    to rob; plunder
  17. Flippant (adj)
    lacking proper seriousness
  18. Flit (v)
    to fly; dart lightly; pass swiftly by
  19. Flout (v)
    reject; mock;show contempt for
  20. Fodder (n)
    coarse food for cattle, horses, etc
  21. Foil (n)
  22. Foist (v)
    insert improperly; palm off
  23. Fop (n)
    dandy; man excessively preoccupied with his clothes
  24. Foray (n)
    a raid
  25. Forbearance (n)
  26. Forebears (n)
  27. Forensic (adj)
    suitable to debate or courts of law
  28. Forlorn (adj)
    sad and lonely; wretched
  29. Forsake (v)
    desert; abandon; renounce
  30. Forswear (v)
    renounce; abandon
  31. Founder (v)
    to fail completely; sink
  32. Fracas (n)
    brawl; melee
  33. Franchise (v)
    right granted by authority; right to vote; license to sell a product in a particular territory
  34. Fray (n)
  35. Fresco (n)
    painting on plaster (usually fresh)
  36. Frieze (n)
    ornamental band on a wall
  37. Frolicsome (adj)
    prankish; gay
  38. Frond (n)
    fern leaf; palm or banana leaf
  39. Froward (adj)
    stubbornly contrary; obstinately disobedient
  40. Fructify (v)
    to bear fruit
  41. Fugitive (adj)
    fleeting or transitory; roving
  42. Fulminate (v)
    denounce thunderously; explode
  43. Fulsome (adj)
    disgustingly excessive
  44. Functionary (n)
  45. Furor (n)
    frenzy; great excitement
  46. Fusillade (n)
    simutaneous firing or outburst
  47. Gadfly (n)
    biting fly; irritating person
  48. Gaffe (n)
    social blunder
  49. Gainsay (v)
    to deny
  50. Gall (v)
    to annoy; chafe
  51. Galvanize (v)
    to stimulate by shock; stir up; revitalize
  52. Gambit (n)
    opening a chess game by sacrificing a piece
  53. Gamely (adv)
    in a spirited manner; with courage
  54. Garish (adj)
    overbright in color; gaudy
  55. Gauche (adj)
    clumsy; coarse and uncouth
  56. Gaunt (adj)
    lean and angular; barren
  57. Geniality (n)
    cheerfulness; kindliness; sympathy
  58. Gentry (n)
    people of standing; class just beneath nobility
  59. Genuflect (v)
    to bend the knee as in worship
  60. Germane (adj)
    pertinent; bearing upon the case at hand
  61. Gerontocracy (n)
    government ruled by old people
  62. Gerrymander (v)
    to change voting district lines in order to favor a political party
  63. Gestate (v)
    to evolve, as in prenatal growth
  64. Gibe (v)
  65. Glean (v)
    to gather leavings
  66. Glut (v)
    to overstock; fill to excess
  67. Goad (v)
    to urge on
  68. Gossamer (adj)
    sheer; like cobwebs
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