Music Definitions

  1. Syncopation
  2. Modulate
    Change key
  3. Rubato
    Tempo made free and flexible
  4. Crescendo
    Getting louder
  5. Dimminuendo
    Getting softer
  6. Legato
  7. Staccato
  8. Vibrato
    Style of singing, the held end of the note/word that wavers
  9. Melisma
    More than one note to a syllable
  10. Syllabic
    one note per syllable
  11. Monophonic
    A single layer of sound
  12. Homophonic
    One important layer and accompaniment
  13. Polyphonic
    More than one layer of equal importance
  14. Riff
    Repeating pattern, often found in popular music
  15. Ostinato
    Repeating patter, often found in classical music
  16. Contour
    Shape of the melody
  17. Conjunct
    Stepwise movement of pitch
  18. Disjunct
    Leap movement of pitch
  19. Register
    Range of the instrument
  20. Countermelody
    Another melody that plays at the same time as the first.
  21. Sequence
    Part of the melody that is repeated one note higher or lower
  22. Diatonic
    In a major or minor key
  23. Atonal
    Not in any key
  24. Consonant
    Nice sounding
  25. Dissonant
    Horrible sounding/ clash of notes
  26. Polytonality
    More than one tonality used at a time
  27. Drone/Pedal Point
    A note that features prominently, can be held or played continuously
  28. Pulse
  29. Accent
    Emphasis one a note or sound
  30. Accelerando
    Gradually speed up
  31. Ritardando
    Gradually slow down
  32. Presto
    Very fast
  33. Allegro
    Fast and lively
  34. Largo
  35. Andante
    Slow, walking pace
  36. Vivace
  37. Moderato
  38. Grave
    Very slow
  39. Polyrhythm
    Each part has its own rhythm, independent of the other parts
  40. Soprano
    High female voice
  41. Alto
    Medium female voice
  42. Tenor
    High male voice
  43. Baritone
    Medium male voice
  44. Bass
    Low male voice
  45. Glissando
  46. Cantible
    In a singing style
  47. Pizzicato
    Playing style: plucking strings on a violin, etc.
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