Barron's 3500 words

  1. Duress (n)
    forcible restraint, especially unlawfully
  2. Dutiful (adj)
    respectful; obedient
  3. Dynamic (adj)
    energetic; vigorously active
  4. Earthy (adj)
    unrefined; coarse
  5. Economy (n)
    efficiency or conciseness in using something
  6. Efface (v)
    to rub out
  7. Effectual (adj)
    able to produce a desired effect; valid
  8. Effervescence (n)
    inner excitement or exuberance
  9. Effete (adj)
    lacking vigor; worn out; sterile
  10. Effigy (n)
  11. Effluvium (n)
    noxious smell
  12. Effusion (n)
    pouring forth
  13. Egregious (adj)
    notorious; conspicuously bad or shocking
  14. Egress (n)
  15. Ejaculation (n)
  16. Ellipsis (n)
    ommision of words from a text
  17. Elucidate (v)
    explain; enlighten
  18. Elysian (adj)
    relating to paradise; blissful
  19. Embargo (n)
    ban on commerce or other activity
  20. Emboss (v)
    to produce a design in raised relief
  21. Embroil (v)
    to throw into confusion; involve in strife; entagle
  22. Emissary (n)
    agent; messenger
  23. Emolient (n)
    soothing or softening remedy
  24. Emolument (n)
    salary; compensation
  25. Enclave (n)
    territoryenclosed within an alien land
  26. Encomiastic (adj)
    praising; eulogistic
  27. Enfranchise (v)
    to admit to the rights of citizenship (esp the right to vote)
  28. Engage (v)
    to attract; hire; plege oneself; confront
  29. Engross (v)
    to occupy fully
  30. Enjoin (v)
    to command; order; forbid
  31. Enmity (n)
    ill-will; hatred
  32. Enrapture (v)
    to please intensely
  33. Ensconce (v)
    settle comfortably
  34. Entreat (v)
    to plead; ask earnestly
  35. Environ (v)
    to enclose; surround
  36. Epaulet (n)
    an ornament worn on the shoulder (of a uniform etc)
  37. Epigram (n)
    witty thought or saying
  38. Episodic (adj)
    loosely connected
  39. Epistemologist (n)
    philosopher who studies the nature of knowledge
  40. Epithet (n)
    word or phrase characteristically used to describe a person or thing
  41. Equable (adj)
    tranquil; steady; uniform
  42. Equanimity (n)
    calmness of temperment; composure
  43. Equipoise (n)
    balance; balancing force; equilibrium
  44. Equitable (adj)
    fair; impartial
  45. Equity (n)
    fairness; justice
  46. Errant (adj)
  47. Essay (v)
    make an attempt at; test
  48. Ethnology (n)
    study of humankind
  49. Eugenic (adj)
    pertaining to improvement of race
  50. Eulogistic (adj)
  51. Evince (v)
    show clearly
  52. Exasperate (v)
  53. Exceptionable (adj)
  54. Excoriate (v)
    to scold with biting harshness; strip the skin off
  55. Execrable (adj)
    very bad
  56. Execrate (v)
    to curse; express abhorrance for
  57. Exigesis (n)
    explanation (esp in biblical passages)
  58. Exhort (v)
    to urge
  59. Exhume (v)
    to dig out of the ground; remove from the grave
  60. Exigency (n)
    urgent situation; pressing needs or demands; state of requiring immediate attention
  61. Exiguous (adj)
    small; minute
  62. Expansive (adj)
    outgoing and sociable; broad and extensive; able to increase in size
  63. Expatiate (v)
    talk at length
  64. Expatriate (n)
    exile; someone who has withdrawn from his native land
  65. Expedient (adj)
    suitable; practical; politic
  66. Expiate (v)
    make amends for (a sin)
  67. Explicate (v)
    to explain; interperet; clarify
  68. Expository (adj)
    explanitory; serving to explain
  69. Expostulation (n)
    protest; remonstrance
  70. Expropriate (v)
    to take possesion of
  71. Extant (adj)
    still in existence
  72. Extemporaneous (adj)
    not planned; impromptu
  73. Extenuate (v)
    weaken; mitigate
  74. Extirpate (v)
    to root up
  75. Extol (v)
    to praise; glorify
  76. Extrapolation (n)
    projection, conjecture
  77. Extricate (v)
    to free
  78. Exude (v)
    discharge; give forth
  79. Exult (v)
    to rejoice
  80. Factitious (adj)
    artificial; sham
  81. Factotum (n)
    handyman; person who does all kinds of work
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